Alana Korvin DeVall

Alana Korvin DeVall
Character Profile
Born 2132
Died 2208
Affiliation Terran Alliance

Alana Korvin DeVall was an explorer, colony founder, and, most notably, the creator of the Korvin Doctrine, which was adopted by the Capellan Confederation.


Alana Korvin DeVall was a Terran Alliance explorer personally responsible for the charting of over 16 star systems. She also founded the colonies on Sirius (2167)[1], and Epsilon Eridani in what ultimately became Capellan Confederation space.

During her explorations, she was impressed by the immensity of space and how fragile humanity was in relation. She collected her thoughts and fears in diaries and letters. This collection of private correspondence in the late twenty-second and early twenty-third centuries was collected into a philosophical tract published posthumously by her family in 2225; it later became known as the Korvin Doctrine.[2]


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