Alanah Knox

Alanah Knox
Affiliation Clan Mongoose
Profession saKhan

Alanah Knox (b. 28?? - d. ????) was the last saKhan of Clan Mongoose before their Absorption into Clan Smoke Jaguar in 2868.[1]


With few known details regarding the life of Alanah Knox, she is most famous for her heroic final drive to destroy Smoke Jaguar attackers. By that, Alanah showed she was a strong tactician and a capable leader who was undaunted by the overwhelming odds against her.[2]

Assault on Fianna[edit]

After the fall of the Mongoose colonies in the Kerensky Cluster, the last Mongoose stronghold left was Circe. After the Orbital Bombardment that rained destruction on the Mongoose defenses of Fianna's western shore (in which Mongoose Khan Walter Martindale perished, unbeknownst to all, including saKhan Knox), the Smoke Jaguars poured onto the island and quickly advanced on the Mongoose city of Tara, led by their Khan, Theodore Osis.[2]

In their last stand of the Trial, the Mongooses arrayed their heavy and assault 'Mechs as the primary defense of the city. Once the Smoke Jaguar horde engaged this force, the Mongoose command Keshik emerged and cut into the flank of the attackers while the remaining Mongoose Aerospace Fighters covered their maneuvers. They destroyed more than they lost, but in the end they lost to the overwhelming force of the Smoke Jaguar attack. With their last 'Mech to fall, Clan Mongoose also died.[2]


After her charge into the flanks of Khan Osis' forces attacking the city of Tara, the last holdout of Clan Mongoose, it is not clear if she was a survivor or if she died during the attack. Regardless, her genetic legacy, along with the legacies of every other warrior of her Clan, would be cast aside by their arrogant conquerors.[1][3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
SaKhan of Clan Mongoose
28?? - 2868

Succeeded by


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