Alarion Naval Academy

Alarion Naval Academy
Academy Information
Location Alarion[1]
Founding Year 3058 [1]
Course Information
BattleMech N/A
Aerospace Yes[2]
Armor N/A
Battle armor N/A
Infantry Yes[2]
Spacecraft Yes[2]
Artillery N/A
Technician Yes[2]
Specialist N/A

The Alarion Naval Academy was founded in 3058 by the Lyran Alliance, with students first attending in 3060, following the reintroduction of WarShips to the Inner Sphere. Fearing that the current aerospace academies - the Pandora College of Military Sciences and the Flight Academy of Thorin - could not meet the demands to crew these new vessels, Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion ordered the creation of a new naval academy on Alarion, home also to the Port Sydney Naval Shipyards, the Alliance's only facility capable of producing WarShips.[3][1][4]

Alarion was targeted by the Word of Blake's Jihad on 12 April 3069: orbital and nuclear bombardments were followed up with the deliberate spreading of a powerful bioweapon, destroying everything on the planet and rendering Alarion hostile to human life for centuries.[5][6]


Construction began on the Academy in late 3058, transferring equipment and personnel from Pandora and Thorin in the process, with the first cadets beginning their studies in May 3060. Admission to the academy was tightly controlled by the Department of Military Education, particularly during the early years when loyalty to the new regime was paramount. Given the newest of the program, elements of the curriculum was as much of a learning experience for the teachers as for as the students, but early teething problems were overcome by the eagerness and excitement with which both groups poured into their work.[3][1]

The standard three-year program for DropShip and JumpShip training consisted of a twelve-month basic training course, followed by two years of study with electives in command and technical specialties.[3][1][7] A similar curriculum existed for aerospace fighter pilots and marines.[7] WarShip training was a five-year program, which also included a two-month training cruise. A conversion program was started in the autumn of 3063 so that DropShip and JumpShip cadets could have the chance to expand their field of expertise in WarShips, though following the WarShip losses suffered during the FedCom Civil War these courses fell in popularity.[3][1]

In 3062, the academy had four vessels at its disposal: a Claymore, two Unions, a Leopard, and a Merchant.[1]

The Alarion Naval Academy's school rag was black, the former colors of the destroyed War College of Tamar.[1]


As of 3067, the academy was under command of Leutnant-General Franjo Ostrovsky.[8]


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