Albert Brookhaven

Albert Brookhaven
Affiliation DCMS
Profession Tai-sa

Albert Brookhaven was the commanding officer of the 3rd Alshain Regulars between 3044 and 3050[1].


Along his unit, he defended Garstedt when it was invaded by Clan Smoke Jaguar in May 3050 during the Second Wave of Operation Revival. He commanded the 3rd Alshain Regulars and planned to dig in his forces in the Cordivas Grotto, forcing the Smoke Jaguars to suffer heavy losses as they tried to flush them out. When the Smoke Jaguars landed their forces, the 7th Jaguar Dragoons' Trinary Assault, Trinary Command and Binary Elemental, they instead chose to wait the defenders out as part of the plan of Star Colonel Sidney Nevversan. Tai-sa Brookhaven realized his only option was to retreat and decided on his best approach back to the Third Regulars' DropShips, located at the south end of the Filmore Steppes. When the Alshain Regulars made their move it started a running battle all the way to the DropShips' location, where a Star of OmniMechs destroyed Brookhaven's command company and lighter elements of Trinary Command held up the regiment until Trinary Assault's arrival. Of the regiment's three battalions two managed to retreat off-world, with the third utterly destroyed by the Smoke Jaguars.[1]


You wanna know how I got my men off Garstedt? Well, I just used the same tactic as old General Morgan used to get her troops away from Exedor in 3044.
  — Tai-sa Albert Brookhaven, 3rd Alshain Regulars[2]


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