Albert Marik

This article is about the character. For the destroyer bearing his name, see Albert Marik (Individual League-class WarShip).

Albert Marik
Born17 June 2478
Died14 November 2573
AffiliationHouse Marik
ParentsBrion Marik (father)
ChildrenMarion Marik
Reginald Marik
Shannon Marik

Albert Marik was the Seventeenth Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. A peacemaker by inclination rather than a warrior, he worked with Ian Cameron to lay the groundwork for the Star League and humanity's golden age.[1][2]


Early reign[edit]

Born in 2478, Albert Marik inherited the Captain-Generalcy upon his father Brion's death in 2511. During the early years of his reign, Albert continued his predecessor's pacifistic policies, until a three-year war over the Andurien worlds erupted in 2528. Albert Marik proved himself an able general but was unable to secure a decisive victory over the Capellans, and the war only ended when Ian Cameron, Director-General of the Terran Hegemony, finally brokered a ceasefire on New Delos between the two states. To the surprise of many, the resulting Treaty of New Delos successfully resolved most of the border problems (including Andurien) between the League and the Confederation. It was also the result of a close working relationship between Albert and Ian and the harbinger of an even greater achievement to come.[3]

Creating the Star League[edit]

During their meeting on New Delos Ian Cameron impressed upon Albert his desire to see humanity unified under a single government and an end to the Age of War. The Captain-General shared this vision and would dedicate the rest of his reign towards achieving that goal. He proved his diplomatic acumen over the next few decades, especially in his handling of the Third Andurien War in 2551. Despite the League's clear military supremacy in this conflict, Albert agreed to cede the contested Andurien worlds to House Liao, an act which guaranteed the Capellan Confederation's membership in the nascent Star League. In exchange for this concession, Albert secured his House's exclusive right to the Free Worlds League's seat on the Star League Council.[4][5] The end result was the Treaty of Geneva in 2556, which committed the Free Worlds League, Capellan Confederation, and the Terran Hegemony to a political and economic union.[6]

Following the formal establishment of this tripartite alliance, Albert next turned his attention to the Lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns. In the former League merchants and money supported the pro-unification factions while negating the influence of the Star League's opponents, the intrigue-ridden and disorderly state of House Steiner's realm greatly aiding the efforts of Albert Marik's agents.[7] These efforts bore fruit swiftly; just two years passed before Tracial Steiner was persuaded to sign the Tharkad Accords with Ian Cameron, bringing the alliance's membership to four.

The Federated Suns proved to be a tougher nut to crack, resisting Cameron and Marik's overtures for nearly another decade. Albert Marik's solution was to exploit House Davion's economic weakness in the aftermath of the Davion Civil War, as his agents sabotaged FedSuns trade routes and isolated various worlds and provinces. The resulting economic crisis of 2566 left Alexander Davion little choice but to sign the New Avalon Accords of 2567 that paved the way for his realm's incorporation into the future Star League.[8]

In contrast, the last of the Great Houses, House Kurita of the Draconis Combine, proved too resistant to Albert Marik's economic and diplomatic skills to be manipulated by these means, but nonetheless, thanks to the patient diplomacy of Ian Cameron, the Dragon joined the alliance in 2569.[8] [4] Two years later, on 9 July 2571, the Star League formally came into being. Albert Marik's dream of a unified human state had become reality.

Final Years and Legacy[edit]

Albert Marik died just two years after the Star League's formation, aged 95. Although he and Ian Cameron had been at odds over the issue of forcing the Periphery states to join the Star League (Ian favored war, while Albert opposed it), the new First Lord mourned his friend's death. A sign of his international stature, Albert's state funeral on Atreus was attended by all of the House Lords.[9]

His death also perhaps made the Reunification War inevitable, as Albert had led the opposition to it and neither his successor Marion Marik nor any other House Lord possessed his influence with Ian Cameron. In later years Albert's role in creating the Star League - as Ian Cameron's partner rather than simply his right-hand man - was also downplayed, particularly outside his native state.[9] [5]


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