Albert Marik (Individual League-class WarShip)

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Albert Marik
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class League


Reunification War[edit]

In 2578 the League-class destroyer[1] FWLS Albert Marik was the personal flagship of General Marion Marik, the leader of Task Force CANOPUS, the Star League Defense Force Task Force responsible for annexing the Magistracy of Canopus during the Reunification War.[2]

It was from the Albert Marik that Marion Marik was able to persuade the rulers of the worlds of Payvand, Ruschegg and Scheuerheck to rejoin the Free Worlds League; all three worlds had defected to the Magistracy during the Third Andurien War, and Captain-General Albert Marik had been too preoccupied with the war and too respectful of the League tradition of free will to contest the defection. With the outbreak of war between the newly-formed Star League and the nations of the Periphery, the three planets expected to be invaded by SLDF troops, and Marion's decision to entertain the rulers of all three worlds cordially in her quarters on the Albert Marik in orbit above Scheuerheck played a considerable part in persuading all three to petition for their respective worlds to be re-admitted to the Free Worlds League, although the threat of replacing each with a military governor if they didn't cooperate also probably played a part.[2]

Star League Era[edit]

In 2763 the Albert Marik was destroyed in incident involving the Free Worlds League Navy and the Star League Defense Force Seventh Fleet. The incident - described by the SLDF as a tragic misunderstanding, but by Captain-General Kenyon Marik as SLDF negligence, the latter a view held by the general population of the Free Worlds League as well - was another source of tension between the Free Worlds League and the SLDF in an era marked by ill-feeling towards the SLDF in general amongst citizens of the Free Worlds League because of the SLDF's refusal to intervene in the destructive Marik Civil War.[3] The brief battle between the FWLN Second Fleet and the SLDF Seventh Fleet was short, but the Albert Marik was destroyed in the opening salvoes and both the Aegis-class heavy cruiser FWLS Olympic and the SLS Hartford had to undergo dry dock repairs before being able to return to duty.[1]


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