Alberto DeJesus

SolarisVII Alberto DeJesus.PNG
Alberto DeJesus
Also known as "Fabulous" (self given)[1]
Affiliation Hombres Stables
Lyran Alliance[1]
Profession Arena Gladiator

Alberto DeJesus is a known Solaris VII MechWarrior that is expanding his expertise and abilities beyond the arenas of the Solaris Games.[2] He used to call himself "Fabulous".[3]


As of 3135, when the competition gets thin Alberto DeJesus has started to fight outside the circuit, directly on the battlefields of the Dark Age[3]. His own words on this: There's no better training ground than the battlefield, my friend. A true athlete must continue to test himself or herself wherever possible. And as far as I know, the Alliance doesn't have anything to say. After all, I will work for them, too - for the right price.[1]

As of 3135 there were talks to schedule a grudge match against another Neanderthal pilot, Lex Corpuz.[1] The conversations ended and the match was scheduled to be done in the same day the last round of qualifications for the Grand Tournament.

Per a prior agreement the match was weapons-dead and, recognizing the primitive appeal of their 'Mechs, both pilots agreed that instead of the standard mace they would each carry their respective BattleMaster 'Mech arms into combat. Corpuz has never said where he got the green-and-brown arm that his 'Mech carries, but many fans remember the spectacular fight in which DeJesus pulled the arm off Linebacker and used it to finish off the BattleMaster. The match was a true slug-fest, with each Neanderthal eventually wearing down its bludgeon until all that remained were sad toothpicks of once-proud war machines. Finally managing to break from the close combat and gain some distance from Corpuz's Buford, DeJesus raised El Diablo Rojo's right arm high to signal the beginning of the "Peoples' Shoulder maneuver". If weapons had been live, Corpuz certainly would have leveled Buford's twin Extended Range Particle Projector Cannons and blasted DeJesus into the next arena, but instead all Corpuz could do was drop into a three-point stance and wait to apply Excessive Force. Irresistible force met immovable object and moved it, knocking Corpuz down and ultimately ending the match in a win for DeJesus and his Hombres Stables. Still, there were clearly no hard feelings between these two combatants, who shook hands amicably at the end of their confrontation and vowed to return with sturdier pilfered 'Mech arms in a future match.[4]


Alberto DeJesus maintains his exaggerated flair on the battlefield. His opponents have likened DeJesus' style to that of the flamboyant wrestlers of long ago, and his Neanderthal reinforces that image. Even when DeJesus loses a match, he looks good doing it, winning him the adoration of innumerable fans. Ungracious opponents often venomously refer to "El Diablo Rojo" as "Chargemonkey".[2]


He pilots the NTL-AG-H Neanderthal called El Diablo Rojo.[2]



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