Alberto Jaramillo

Alberto Jaramillo
Affiliation Seventeenth Recon Regiment
Profession MechWarrior


Alberto Jaramillo was a MechWarrior who served in the Seventeenth Recon Regiment, also known as Camacho's Caballeros, and was one of those serving in the Caballeros in 3056 when they were employed by Chandrasekhar Kurita to provide security for one of his companies, Hachiman Taro Enterprises. At the time of the contract with Chandrasekhar Kurita, Alberto was a Lieutenant Junior Grade, piloting a SCP-1O Scorpion.[1]

On the 2nd of November 3056 the Seventeenth fought a pitched battle in the streets of Masamori, the capital city of Hachiman, against the Ninth Ghost regiment, as a result of machinations by the Internal Security Force. The heart of the Caballero's defense was the large HTE complex that served as Chandrasekhar Kurita's headquarters, and Chandrasekhar had anticipated the need to move 'Mechs in and out of the compound discretely. The compound was served by its own Tubeway station - something the Word of Blake had attempted to use as part of a terrorist attack on the compound - and Chandrasekhar had arranged for the station to be secretly roofed with a cement slab that could be moved. When moved out of the way, the Tubeway station became an access point into the tunnel that could be used by 'Mechs below a certain height - most commonly, those weighing 30 tons or less.[1]

Taking advantage of the hidden access point, the Caballeros had arranged a scratch company of a dozen light 'Mechs from their Second and Third Battalions with the intention of having them launch a surprise attack on the rear of the Ghost lines at an appropriate moment. As the only 'Mech in the Caballeros weighing more than 30 tones but with a low enough profile to use the tunnel thanks to its quadrapedal design, Alberto's Scorpion was added to the scratch company to add some heft to it, and Alberto was designated as the leader for the attack - a rare event for an officer as junior in rank as a Lieutenant Junior Grade. Unfortunately for Alberto - at least, from his point of view - shortly before he was due to lead the attack, his Scorpion was commandeered by Force Commander Gavilán Camacho, the commanding officer of First Battalion. Gavilán's 'Mech, a Shadow Hawk, had been disabled earlier in the fighting, and Gavilán was determined to get into battle again, leaving Alberto behind in the compound.[1]


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