Albion (continent)

New Avalon world map, prominently showing Albion in the western hemisphere


Albion was a continent located on New Avalon, the planet's largest, was centered primarily above the equator in the western hemisphere. It was surrounded by the North Sea and the Avalon Ocean, and had six significant mountain ranges, including the Dinas Emrys, Dalban, and Grand Avalon, as well as Mount Badon; great forests and prairies were scattered between them. It was also the site of the Federated Suns' capital, Avalon City and the New Avalon Institute of Science. Four prominent rivers—the Chretien, Cris, Thames, and Albion—are on the continent, with the last three converging in the immediate area around the capital city. [1][2]

Other than New Avalon, the major cities of Corbin, New Rennes, Ranford, Portland, Barrington, Jeratha, Jameston, and St. David's are sited on the continent, and two DropPorts, one of which is also named Albion, are established to the south of the capital.[1]


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