Albion Vampire Bat

The Albion Vampire Bat is a flying predator native to the subtropical regions on the world of Albion in the Kerensky Cluster.

It proved to be a danger for the valuable introduced livestock of Clan Burrock because of causing infected wounds and transmitting diseases. In an attempt to curb the Vampire Bat, Clan scientists genetically altered the species to produce the Blood Spirit.



Albion Vampire Bats are somewhat smaller than their genetically enhanced cousins, the Blood Spirits (which have a wingspan of 90 centimeters, a height of 20 centimeters and weight 150 grams). They are dark olive in color.

Abilities and Lifestyle[edit]

The Albion Vampire Bat is a winged predator. Their sonic organ is used for both orientation and to paralyze the nerves of victims around the creature's bite; the size of the sonic organ also defines a specimen's attractiveness for mating.

It can be assumed that the Albion Vampire Bats, like Blood Spirits, live in colonies of 20 to 120 individuals.