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Died 10th of July 3057
Affiliation Clan Diamond Shark
Profession MechWarrior

Aldo was a MechWarrior from Clan Diamond Shark and House Davis who fought on Tukayyid.

Character History[edit]

At some time during his early years he got into contact with the Dark Caste.

During Tukayyid, Star Commander Carlton Davis in his Timber Wolf is leading his Ripper Star (minus one 'Mech already lost) against battered elements of the ComGuards 85th Division in Kozice River Valley while being covered by Frenzy Star led temporarily by MechWarrior Aldo. While moving through a gully, Carlton's Star is ambushed by ComGuards forces containing one Guillotine, one Thug, one Sentinel one Crockett and one Hussar. They fend off as best af they can, but the star is blasted, his 'Mech among them and he has nearly all his body broken. Frenzy Star is also wiped out, and when Carlton is rescued by Aldo he discovers his intention on treachery, blaming him on the defeat of the forces. He destroys all 'Mech ROMs and injects a sort of poison gotten from contacts from the Dark Caste to Carlton.

After the fight, along one WarShip of the Clan, a council of Bloodnamed Warriors stands to decide what to do with Carlton, who has lost all memory of most of his life. Aldo has accused Carlton of incompetence and has tried to get him exiled, but when the judgement is passed: Carlton is only stripped of his rank but not of his bloodname, and offered to either join the Dark Caste or join a training sibko until he regains is memories or redeems himself as a Warrior. [1]

Aldo tries to improve his position in the Clan during some years, and in 3057, while on Niles, things escalate against him. Carlton has returned with proof of his treason. Some days later, Aldo is presented in front of the Bloodnamed Warriors and is shown the proof of his crime. Marked as guilty, he asks for a Trial of Refusal. Carlton accepts an bids himself only (instead of the one hundred odds Aldo would be having).

On the 10th of July, in the Ortonvile Plains of Niles, Aldo piloting a Executioner faces Carlton and his Gargoyle. Also charges to kill his opponent, but Carlton waited patiently and used his marksmanship to blow his enemy's head.[2]


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