Aldrich Arboghast

Aldrich Arboghast
Born 3036
Affiliation Crimson Voodoo Stables

Aldrich Arboghast was the chief technician of Crimson Voodoo Stables on Solaris during the pre-FedCom Civil War.[1]


Aldrich Arboghast appeared on 3058 as personal Tech of Jimmy Carelli. At that time he was identified as one of the biggest techheads on Solaris.

After that contract, and for the next six years, he was in a high demand, working for five stables, the last one Pocopo Stables for which his feelings were not very good.

Convinced by the Crimson Voodoo Stables to join them, the Stables has improved a lot since then. Scrap has been converted to viable 'Mechs, and his job has been praised since them.

He is known to be very shy though, which is maybe the only trait that identify him as a real geek.[1]



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