Aleisha Kris

Aleisha Kris
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Feng Huang

The CCS Aleisha Kris is a Feng Huang-class cruiser constructed by and in service with the Capellan Confederation.


Launched in 3063, the Aleisha Kris was upgraded by 3070.[1] The vessel was in the Sian system to defend the Capellan capital in September 3070. Together with the Ilsa Hyung, other Capellan WarShips and fighters, the Aleisha Kris drove off the Word of Blake invaders.[2][3][4] The Aleisha Kris and Elias Jung were the only two Feng Huangs to survive the Jihad.[5]

As of 3145 the Capellan Navy continued to operate the cruiser but was keeping it in Capellan space and out of the line of fire of Operation CELESTIAL REWARD.[6]


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