Aleksandr Hazen

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Aleksandr Hazen
Also known as Aleks
Born 3103[1]
Died 3134
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Galaxy Commander
Profession MechWarrior
Siblings Malvina Hazen

Aleksandr Hazen (trueborn 3103[1] – died 15 August 3134, aged 31 years) was a 32nd century Clan Jade Falcon MechWarrior and commander, one of the leaders of the Falcon desant until his death.

Physical Description[edit]

Aleksandr Hazen was described as a man of broad shoulders, muscular neck, brown skin, black hair, and a straight nose, usually smiling with genuine joy.[2]

Personal History[edit]

Like his sibmate, he was a keen student of military history, where he learned about the Clan's previous mistakes. Both sibkin were always together, being named the "Eyes of the Falcon". Both won the Hazen Bloodname in their first trial, but he did it without killing any of his rivals. After attaining the rank of Galaxy Commander, Aleks received the command of Zeta Galaxy, a green and dezgra-tainted unit. He participated at the the desant as one of the three leader of the operation, along with Malvina and Beckett Malthus. Aleksandr lead the raid on the Lyran world of Porrima, taking a space station without firing a shot, and later leading the ground assault.[3]

In May 3134 fought in the assault and conquest of the world of Chaffee, taking it easily, but cannot prevent than, after a terrorist attack destroyed a Falcon DropShip, Malvina razed an entire city.[4] Aleksandr's next target was the planet Alkaid, where he made a batchall sending a Trinary to take the planet, fighting a Militia battalion. In July, Zeta took Summer, and despite their losses under an artillery attack, conquered the planet quickly.[5] When all the desant Galaxies gathered on Skye, was forced to fight a Trial of Refusal against Malvina, to prevent her to ordering an orbital bombardment on the planet. He won it, defeating his sister for the first time.[6]


Aleksandr's battle of Skye was the last one for him: he lead the assault, and the defenders were on the verge of defeat, when, surprisingly, the Steel Wolves of Anastasia Kerensky joined the battle taking the Republic's side. However, he refused Tara Campbell's offer of hegira, and pressed the attack.[7] But not for long: Tara Campbell's Hatchetman closed on his Gyrfalcon, and with her hatchet delivered a crippling blow to Aleksandr's cockpit, killing him instantly.[8]


Alek's death made the warriors of Zeta go berserk, pressing the attack and forcing the Republic soldiers to retreat, allowing them to recover their leader's body before falling back. As Malvina's Mech had been downed too, the Falcons were forced to leave the planet.[9]

Becket Malthus used Aleksandr as scapegoat, blaming him for the defeat in his reports to the Khan. Aleksandr's death would have long standing consequences: as the Skye defenders failed to kill Malvina while only crippling her, her brother's death would traumatize her. He was the only one in the universe she love, and did not want to kill. And with Alexandr dead and unable to act as a reasonable counterweight against her violence tendencies, her ambitions now were only to kill everybody in the universe, Clanner or not, friend or foe.[10] Malvina became even more aggressive and ruthless, going so far as to order orbital bombardments over enemy (and allied) forces over a planet's surface, case of the Kell Hounds on planet Timkovichi in 3142, poisoning with plutonium all the water wells of a planet who dare to resist, case of Apostica, the same year, or even throw a damaged WarShip on the Jade Falcon's capital of Sudeten.[11] However, some Falcons, the latter called Traditionalists were inspired by Aleksandr and fought to keep alive his legacy; controlling the ruthless followers of the Mongol Doctrine to keep them in line while treating their defeated enemies honorably and defending the Falcon's traditions. Some notable cases included Noritomo Helmer and Galaxy Commander Stephanie Chistu[12]


Aleksandr was a surprisingly emphatic men, mourning for every dead in a battle, friends or foes, but saw it as a necessary evil.[13] He too loved his sister, and wanted to protect everybody from her, but without ever hurting her.


Aleksandr piloted a Gyrfalcon which he named White Lily.[14]


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