Aleksandr Hazen

Aleksandr Hazen
Character Profile
Also known as Aleks
Born 3103[1]
Died 15 August 3134
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Galaxy Commander
Profession MechWarrior
Siblings Malvina Hazen

Aleksandr Hazen was a Clan Jade Falcon MechWarrior and commander during the Dark Age era. He was one of the leaders of the Falcon desant until his death. He was a sibmate of the future Chinggis Khan, Malvina Hazen.

Physical Description[edit]

Aleksandr Hazen had broad shoulders, a muscular neck, brown skin, black hair, and a straight nose, usually smiling with genuine joy.[2]



Aleksandr and Malvina came from a particularly violent Jade Falcon sibko. One night the rest of the children attempted to kill the two in order to gain their food rations. Aleks reacted first but it was Malvina who killed several of their sibkin. The two were inseparable and as they aged they became lovers and exceptional warriors. Both were keen students of military history, from which they learned of the Clan's previous mistakes. However, they had opposite personalities – Aleks was open, friendly, and honorably competitive, while Malvina was cold and friendless, with sociopathic tendencies. Both were very charismatic and became extraordinary commanders. Eventually only the two would survive the Blooding.

Early career[edit]

The sibkin became ristars and were often called the "Eyes of the Falcon". Malvina developed a strong belief in the Mongol Doctrine and the two fought constantly over philosophical differences, but Aleksandr could only match her, never defeat her. Both sibmates won the Hazen Bloodname in their first Trial, but Aleksandr claimed it without killing any of his rivals. Two sibmates winning a Bloodname was historically rare and both became famous throughout the Clan. In time they would each attain the rank of Galaxy Commander. Aleks requested command of Zeta Galaxy, a green and dezgra unit, believing success with a disgraced force would further his glory.


Aleksandr directed the desant along with Malvina and saKhan Beckett Malthus. He led the raid on the Lyran world of Porrima, taking a space station without firing a shot, and later led the ground assault.[3] In May 3134, he fought in the conquest of Chaffee, winning it easily. However, he could not prevent Malvina from razing an entire city after a terrorist attack destroyed a Falcon DropShip.[4] Aleksandr's next target was Alkaid, where his batchall bid of a single Trinary took the planet from a militia battalion. In July, Zeta struck Summer, and despite losses to an artillery attack quickly conquered the planet.[5] When all the desant Galaxies gathered on Skye, he and Malvina debated over the invasion tactics before the Falcon warriors. His sibmate favored orbital bombardment in accordance with Mongol Doctrine while Aleks argued for a traditional assault. Malvina won the debate, but Aleksandr demanded a Trial of Refusal and for the first time defeated her in battle.[6]


Aleksandr died during the Battle for Skye. He led the assault, but reinforcements from the Steel Wolves turned the tide. Headhunting Tara Campbell, who commanded the defenders, he refused her offer of hegira and was killed by a blow to his cockpit from her Hatchetman.[7]


Aleks' death made the warriors of Zeta go berserk and they were able to recover his body before falling back. As Malvina had been injured as well, the Falcons were forced to retreat from the planet.[8]

Becket Malthus used Aleksandr as a scapegoat, blaming him for the defeat in his report to the Khan.[citation needed] Aleks' death would have long-term consequences: Malvina was traumatized and lost the counterbalance to her sociopathic behavior and adherence to the Mongol Doctrine. Unleashed, she demanded annihilation of all of her enemies, Clan or not. She commanded the orbital bombardment of Timkovichi to destroy the Kell Hounds, used plutonium to poison the water of resisting planets, and smashed a WarShip onto the Jade Falcon capital on Sudeten to win the Jade Falcon Civil War.[citation needed] Eventually, the Mongol Doctrine would dominate the Clan and she reigned as the Chinggis Khan.


Aleks was a surprisingly empathetic man for a Jade Falcon, mourning the dead whether friend or foe. Nevertheless, he saw war as a necessary evil.[9] Despite their differences, his sister loved him and he her, and he wanted to protect Malvina from the cruelty of the universe and the universe from her cruelty.


Aleksandr piloted a Gyrfalcon which he named White Lily.[10]


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