Aleksandr Jorgensson

Aleksandr Jorgensson
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Profession Galaxy Commander

Aleksandr Jorgensson (born 30?? – died 30??) was a famous Clan Ghost Bear tank commander as well as Galaxy Commander of the Ghost Bear's Sigma Galaxy prior to the Jihad.[1] [2]


Lineage and Early Life[edit]

Bred as a MechWarrior, Aleksandr was born of a rare exchange of genetic material between Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Wolf, with paternal genetic material derived from Clan founder Nicholas Kerensky and maternal material from Ghost Bear co-founder Hans Jorgensson. Though disallowed from claiming the jealously guarded Kerensky Bloodname, the Bears intended the resulting sibko to be the finest bred by their Clan in a hundred years, with Aleksandr - named in honor of the Clans' Great Father Aleksandr Kerensky - hoped to be the pride of the sibko. The last survivor of his sibko's training cycle, in a crushing blow both to him personally and the hopes of his Clan, Aleksandr would be critically injured during his Trial of Position mere moments before scoring his first kill, narrowly missing his chance to become a MechWarrior.[1]

After nearly a year of recovery, Aleksandr was allowed to test for an alternate branch in the Bear's touman. Despite showing an aptitude for aerospace piloting, at two-meters tall Aleksandr was unable to fit into the cockpit of an aerospace fighter, forcing him into armored vehicle training. While not his first choice, Aleksandr flourished, driven to excel to make up for his failure to his Bloodlines, his second Trial of Position showing off his brilliant leadership skills as he earned two kills and the rank of Star Commander.[1]

Clan Invasion[edit]

By the Clan Invasion Aleksandr had risen to the rank of Galaxy Commander, overseeing his Clan's Sigma Galaxy, one of the Bear's numerous garrison Galaxies. With Clan Ghost Bear's decision following the Battle of Tukayyid to move almost its entire population and touman to the Inner Sphere, Sigma was redeployed from the Clan Homeworlds. While the first-line Galaxies already in the Inner Sphere grudgingly accepted integration from second-line BattleMech and Elemental forces, they were almost totally opposed to working side-by-side with conventional vehicle troops. With Aleksandr's reputation preceding him, numerous combat vehicle units in other galaxies requested transfer to the more welcoming Sigma, swelling its TOE with tanks, hovercraft, VTOLs and other support vehicles. Aleksandr would dispatch its forces to reinforce the Bear's other Galaxies as needed, though only the second-line ones would request the vehicle galaxy's aid; the front-line galaxies would never request or accept such assistance.[1]

Combine-Ghost Bear War[edit]

As of 3061 Aleksandr personally commanded the Tenth Phalanx Cluster, stationed on Krenice beside the Seventh Bear Regulars, assisting Sigma's then only BattleMech Cluster guard one of the more important worlds on the Ghost Bear Dominion-Draconis Combine border, despite the Seventh's disdain for the "mere" armored-vehicle unit's help. By 3067, Aleksandr had achieved what many had considered impossible, entering a Jorgensson Trial of Bloodright at the controls of his captured Athena Combat Vehicle (modified to be piloted solely by himself) to secure his Bloodname. By this point the Tenth Phalanx had rotated to Setubal.[1] [2]


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