Aletha Kabrinski

Aletha Kabrinski
Aletha Kabrinski
AffiliationClan Ghost Bear

Aletha Kabrinski was saKhan and eventually Khan of Clan Ghost Bear, as well as the commanding officer of the Clan's Alpha Galaxy during the Battle of Luthien[2] and through to the end of the Jihad.


Clan Invasion[edit]


IlKhan Ulric Kerensky's announcement of the proxy battle with ComStar on Tukayyid caused division between Aletha and her Khan, Bjorn Jorgensson, who deeply opposed the idea of the fifteen-year truce upon a Com Guard victory. Aletha did not share this concern, having complete confidence in an overall Clan victory and eventually convincing Bjorn to take part in the bidding, earning the right to descend in the fifth hour of combat with an official bid of three front-line Galaxies; Alpha, Beta and Delta.[3][4][5]

Assigned the primary and secondary targets of Spanac and Luk, the twin cities were defended by the veteran-ranked Com Guard First Army supported by the green Fourth Army. Confident in the strength of their troops, the Bear Khans laid out a simple and direct plan, sending their elite Alpha Galaxy to target Spanac while Beta and Delta focused on Luk. While the First Army commander's Precentor Katherine Luarca's refusal to commit the extremely green Fourth Army to the fight - and the Bears' superior skills - allowed Alpha to easily take Spanac, the Com Guards did succeed in blunting the Bears' assault on Luk, with the Bear Khans reassigning Beta and Delta Galaxies to reinforce Spanac.[3][4][5]

Leaving Beta and Delta to defend their captured primary target, the Bears' Alpha Galaxy advanced towards Luk, with the Fourth Army coming close to folding until Precentor Luarca commanded the remains of the First Army to strike against the Bears' primary supply depot at Spanac. As she had hoped, Luarca's attack forced the Ghost Bears to choose which was more important: the now vital ammunition or continuation of the offensive against Luk. Ultimately choosing to return to Spanac, Alpha Galaxy fought off the raid, but suffered losses of such magnitude in the process that it was unable to resume its attack on Luk.[3][4][5]

Able to hold Spanac but lacking the strength to take Luk, ilKhan Kerensky declared the Ghost Bear campaign concluded as a partial victory. With Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht preparing to redeploy additional Com Guard troops to face them, Aletha and her Khan chose to safeguard what they had won and accepted the judgment with minimal complaint.[3][4][5]


Kabrinski, as Khan, commanded the lead Galaxy in the December 3074 Ghost Bear attack against the Blakist presence on Luthien. Under her guidance, bystanders, Kuritan loyalist or rebel, were swept aside if they were caught between the two opposing forces. The Blakists were executed, whether they surrendered or not, and no salvage was gathered.[2]

Aletha also led the Ghost Bear delegation to the Snow Ravens in late 3075, which successfully persuaded the Ravens to support the allied coalition being assembled by Devlin Stone. In February of 3076, the delegation traveled back to the coalition escorted by two Stars of Snow Raven ships.[6][7]


Aletha was a renowned Fire Moth pilot, who preferred a custom configuration.[8][9][10]


Game Rules[edit]

Aletha was a Heroic MechWarrior (Gunnery 1, Piloting 1) with the Maneuvering Ace Special Piloting Ability.[11]


Why start a Crusade when a proffered hand works better?[11]

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