Alex Keller

Alex Keller (3075)
Alex Keller
Also known as Alex Kelior[1]
Born 3017[1]
Affiliation Devil's Brigade
Rank Major[1]
Profession MechWarrior
Parents Lucius Markus Kelior (father)[1]


Alex Keller was an IE employee, that paid to leave the organization along with others. He formed his mercenary unit, Devil's Brigade. The unit gathered on Galatea, and quickly grew in strength.

He commanded the unit between 3067 and 3076. He was highly respected among his warriors.[2].[3][4]

The son of prominent Static Infinity Systems chairman Lucius Markus Kelior, he was the victim of a corporate kidnapping and blackmail attempt in 3019. The young Kelior was rescued five years later, but by then his mother had passed away; with no desire at the time to be shackled with a son, Kelior turned the boy over to an orphanage, where his name was changed to Keller[1].


Major Keller was noted for piloting an extensively modified, refurbished and customized version of the Gladiator; as the first BattleMech design to be produced within the Draconis Combine - and one which was produced for less than 30 years - Keller's dedication to this ancient machine is remarkable.[5]


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