Alex Popov

Alex Popov
Affiliation Lone Star Battalion
Profession MechWarrior

Alex Popov was a member of the Lone Star Battalion during the conflict on Epsilon Eridani in 3067.[1]


In 3067 two mercenary units, his Lone Star Regiment and Redfield's Renegades, were battling on Epsilon Eridani when they made a significant discovery. The fighting near the Shamus Mountains unearthed an old Star League Defense Force depot hidden within the mountains. Still intact within the Depot was a battle scarred Colossus-class DropShip. Both mercenary units immediately laid claim to the DropShip, and with neither willing to compromise a grueling combat was initiated that saw both units take heavy casualties. Ultimately, the Lone Star Regiment were the victors and recovered both the DropShip and the battlefield salvage as prizes.[2]

When Megan Davis‎‎ and her forces arrived to the Lone Star Battalion fort, she found that Colonel George Brown was downed during the fight and he had weathered the battle and, using a portable radio, was barking out orders to his people. When reinforces from the Lone Star Battalion arrived, he was being cut out of the remains of his Warhammer. She led two lances of the Lone Star Battalion lances on aggressive patrolling and found two lances from Redfield's Renegades searching for blood after Sarah Redfield-Barnes being WIA after the previous engagement and knowing of George Brown bounty set against her. The Renegades tried to decapitate the Lone Star Regiment command staff and went after Megan Davis. After Kechia Hankerd's Wasp, downed in the first seconds of the engagement was kicked while downed by Megan Davis. Her next target was the Commando piloted by Mikhail Blodwin that she downed with a combination of Hatchet and Autocannon fire. So much damage blew the 'Mech. Though Megan lost a 'Mech Arm, she tried to go against another Renegade MechWarrior. It took the concentrated fire of Josiah Miller and two other Renegade MechWarriors to take her down. And when her head ejected, she aimed at Miller's Shadow Hawk with it. The module ricocheted off of his torso armor, flew straight into the canyon wall and exploded.[3]


He piloted a CGR-3K Charger.[1]


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