Alexander Davion (Individual Avalon-class WarShip)

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Alexander Davion
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Avalon


The Avalon-class cruiser FCS Alexander Davion was introduced to service with the Federated Commonwealth in the early 3060s following the successful deployment of the lead ship of the class, the FCS Melissa Davion, during the Capellan-St. Ives War,[1] and was one of four Avalons to be in service by late 3062.[2]

During the FedCom Civil War the crew of the Alexander Davion chose to support Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion and the Loyalist cause.[3] The Alexander Davion survived until the closing stages of the Civil War; during the final drive on New Avalon by Victor Steiner-Davion in November 3066 the Alexander Davion joined a sister ship, the FCS Lucien Davion, and the Fox-class corvettes[3] FCS Antrim[4] and FCS Murmansk in the defense of the world.[3]

The attacking forces were led by the FCS Melissa Davion and no less than four Foxes[3] - the FCS Admiral Corinne Donnings, FCS Kentares, FCS Intrepid and FCS Robinson.[4] The result was an hour-long naval battle that saw the Alexander Davion,[3] the Admiral Corinne Donnings and the Kentares destroyed[4] and the Antrim and the Lucien Davion captured.[3]

Although nominally listed as still being in service with the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns in late 3067[5] the FCS Murmansk had actually jumped away from New Avalon via a pirate point in the closing stages of the naval battle and vanished without trace.[3]


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