Alexander Madeira

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Alexander Madeira, Age 28, circa 3025
Alexander Madeira
Born 2997[1][2]
Affiliation House Madeira
Parents Brance Madeira (mother)


Alexander Madeira was a supporter of the Arano Restoration. He was the advisor and close friend of Lady Arano and has been often described as a soft-spoken, philosophical young man with a silver tongue on politics.[1] He would accompany Kamea Arano during her exile, following her after an assassination attempt on Coromodir.[1][3]

He appears aboard the Argo acting as the High Lady's liaison to the player's mercenary unit during the campaign.

Capture on Guldra[edit]

After finding evidence on House Espinosa's role in instigating the Perdition Massacre on Guldra, Alexander would travel to his homeworld. Although Kamea did not want him to go, Lord Madeira stated that in order to gain the evidence on the Directorate, he need to give a DNA sample in order to access the proof. Lady Arano would concede to the decision and let him travel alone. He would remain in hiding from Directorate forces until his capture by Victoria, who would use him to taunt Kamea into fighting her. Although Kamea wanted desperately to rescue Lord Madeira, she was convinced to let him go and retrieve his data. Alexander's capture left her emotional for a short period, before returning to active duty. Alexander's evidence would help bring down the Aurigan Directorate. He was even used as a bargaining chip by Santiago and his daughter to surrender, while the latter would threaten to kill him if Kamea did not face her. During the final battle with her cousin, she eventually freed Alexander from captivity.

Rebuilding the Reach[edit]

During the aftermath of the Directorate's defeat, Alexander appears to thank the mercenaries for their assistance. He lets them know that he and Kamea are working hard to rebuild the Reach. The first step was to rebuild infrastructure and military strength damaged from the Aurigan Civil War. Alexander would also work on finding political marriages to strengthen the Aurigan bloodlines, as he believed that there would be people who would value those legacies. Alexander would also give his final farewell as he returned back to duty, marking Alexander's final appearance in the story.


Birth year is a guess based on age in character profile given in Kickstarter update and assuming a timeline of 3025.


Featured only in the apocryphal BattleTech video game, the character of Alexander Madeira is apocryphal as well.

Behind The Scenes[edit]

Alexander's voice was portrayed by actor Allan Aquino.


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