Alexandra Riota

Alexandra Riota
Affiliation House Riota
Profession Noble
Parents Herrold Riota (father)
Spouse Grigori Avellar
Children Barton Avellar
Katherine Avellar
Angelo Avellar
Nikolaus Avellar


Alexandra Riota (b. ???? - d. ????) was the daughter of Herrold Riota, a member of the Outworlds Alliance Executive Parliament; courted by Grigori Avellar for almost a year, Alexandra and Grigori were married shortly after and would have four children together: Barton, who would follow Grigori as President of the Outworlds Alliance before his death; Katherine, Angelo and Nikolaus. Alexandra's marriage to Grigori played a big part in reforming Grigori's image from that of wild child to dedicated public servant, husband and father, although there are indications that Grigori was less than completely faithful to Alexandra.[1]


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