Alexandria Natasha Snord

Alexandria Natasha Snord
Also known as "Natasha Snord"
Affiliation Snord's Irregulars
Profession Lieutenant-Colonel
Parents Rhonda Snord (adoptive mother)

Alexandria Natasha Snord was the adopted daughter of Rhonda Snord[1]


Early Life[edit]

Adopted as a young girl who was orphaned during a Free Worlds League raid. As of 3051 she was being raised on Clinton by her godmother, Misha Auburn. She later joined the unit and became Rhonda's second in command by the time of the FedCom Civil War.[citation needed]


In 3063 Tashas mother retired from active service with the Irregulars leaving her in operational command of the unit.[1]


In Field Manual: Mercenaries Revised the character is named as "Natasha Snord".[1]


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