Alexi Mallory

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Alexi Mallory
Also known as Alex Mallory
Affiliation Federated Suns
Title(s) Mandrinn of Dao Shan Province[1]
Position Director of MIIO

Alexi Mallory was an early thirty-first century deep cover spy for the Federated Suns. He worked for Quintus Allard, head of the FedSun's MIIO, prior to outbreak of and secretly during the Fourth Succession War. In his later years he becomes the Director of MIIO of the Federated Commonwealth.


He is described as youthful, with a lanky build, Slavic ancestry, and blond hair.


Early years[edit]

Alexi Mallory took on the role of Alexi Malenkov, a Tikonov Commonality nationalist who was inserted into Capellan service as a lead analyst for the Maskirovka by as early as 3026. He soon began funneling top-secret Maskirovka information to Quintus Allard.

By 3027, Alexi was assigned as an aide to Justin Xiang, the former Davion Officer and son of MIIO head, Quintus Allard, as part of the Maskirovka's Davion section. When Justin was appointed head of the Chancellor's Maskirovka "Crisis Team" with Tsen Shang, Alexi became a critical agent for Justin's operations.

Alexi traveled to Terra to attend the Wedding of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner by posing as an assistant to Colonel Pavel Ridzik. During the trip, he secretly met with Quintus Allard and debriefed him on the Maskirovka's activities. He also discovered Ridzik's tryst with the Chancellor's wife, Elizabeth Jordan-Liao. Despite his true identity being known to Comstar, his cover remained safe.

He was chosen by Justin Xiang to be his chief aide in his Maskirovka raiding party during their covert operation to infiltrate the Davion world of Bethel in order to steal cutting-edge myomer technology from a secret research facility. During the operation, Alexi would save Justin's life after gunning down a would-be assassin with a flechette pistol that Romano Liao had slipped into the team.[2] For saving Justin's life, Alexi was awarded the noble rank of Mandrinn for the world of Teng.

In August of 3029, Alexi attended a meeting with Justin where he discovered that Death Commandos and the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers had been dispatched to Kathil to raid the Kathil Shipyards; an action that would have effectively crippled JumpShip production in the Federated Suns and severely hampered the Davion war effort. Justin then gave Alexi a verigraphed letter to deliver to Quintus Allard, which contained a cryptic text taunting both Allard and Hanse Davion of their impending doom. However, this letter would be intercepted by the Precentor of Sian and its contents examined, revealing that a secret message had been embedded in the verigraph.[3] After learning of this, Tsen Shang accused Alexi of being a traitor to the Capellan Confederation and narrowly avoided being shot by Shang. Justin instead convinced Shang that Alexi be held in state custody for his fate to be decided at a later date. During this time, Shang continued to question Alexi, but failed to extrapolate any additional information.[4]

On 24 September, Davion raiders led by Morgan Hasek-Davion slipped onto Sian by masquerading as 4th Tau Ceti Rangers returning from Kathil with the intent of retrieving an unnamed, Davion deep-cover agent. During the confusion of the attack, Justin manages to free Alexi from his prison cell and hands him off to Andrew Redburn.

On 22 November, Alexi was honored by First Prince Hanse Davion and was awarded the Diamond Sunburst for his services deep within Capellan territory.[5]

Later years[edit]

In his later years, Alexi time as a field agent had finished, however he remained with the MIIO. He became Intelligence Secretary after the death of Justin Allard.

After the death of the rebellious Duke of Skye Ryan Steiner in 3056, he informed Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion of his intentions to resign once they returned to the capital on New Avalon. He was informed that Jerrard Cranston would become his replacement. When introduced, he realized that "Jerrard" was in fact the late Galen Cox. Mallory was shocked by the revelation until Victor revealed to him that his survival was part of the process of collecting solid evidence on the true killer of Melissa Steiner-Davion. Whom, though no hard evidence had been acquired, was in fact Victor's sister. He explains also she had indirectly worked with Ryan and that had led to his mother's death.[6]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Justin Allard
Director of MIIO
3052 - 3066

Succeeded by
Cole Williams

Portrait Gallery[edit]


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