Alexi Nimzovich

Alexi Nimzovich
Affiliation Sarna Supremacy
Profession Premier


Alexi Nimzovich was the Premiere of the First Sarna Supremacy in 2363.[1]

The new Prime Minister of the Capellan Hegemony, Selek Tucas had spent years building a coalition with the Tikonov Grand Union against the Federated Suns, and in 2363 he arranged for the Grand Union to renounce the treaties signed after the war of 2340. Tucas openly supported the Grand Union's declaration and went a step further, demanding the return of the Chesterton worlds ceded by the Sarna Supremacy and the world of Lee as well.[1][2]

When the Capellan Hegemony ambassador to New Avalon - who was also Selek Tucas' brother - vanished mysteriously en route back to Capellan space,[1][2] Selek called on the various member states of the Federated Suns to depose Reynard Davion and join the Capellan states, but not one state took Selek up on his offer, and Reynard's subsequent proclamation of a state of war between the two nations received a unanimous vote of confidence. This began several years of border conflicts, with every Capellan attack on Lee rebuffed by the Federated Peacekeeping Forces.[1] Selek Tucas had gambled by mobilizing the best of his forces and those of his allies to strike at Lee, only to have those forces crushed,[2] with the list of units effectively destroyed including such noted commands as the First and Third Tikonov Lancers, the Capellan Reserve Cavalry, Moorcock's Rangers, the Seluk's Principia and Seneca's Fusiliers.[3]

The repercussions of the disaster on Lee - a disaster prompted by Reynard having received advance warning of the attack, most probably from Premiere Alexi Nimzovich of the Sarna Supremacy, and transporting eight crack Federated Peacekeeping Forces regiments to the world in secret in advance of the attack[3] - led to considerable internal turmoil within the Capellan Zone, toppling Selek from power along with his government while the FPF made steady advances against the Capellan forces.[1]


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