Alexi Viscoff

Alexi Viscoff
Affiliation Federated Suns
Profession Fleet Admiral

Alexi Viscoff was a member of the Federated Suns Navy during the twenty-eighth century.[1]


Alexi Viscoff (born ???? - died ????) was an officer in the Federated Suns Navy (FSN) at the height of the Star League era. In 2765 Viscoff was a Fleet Admiral and the commander of the Crucis Fleet and the Commanding Officer of the Department of the Line, the Department within the FSN responsible for the Federated Suns' fleet of black water WarShips.[1]

From his flagship aboard the Defender-class battlecruiser FSS Golden Lion Viscoff deployed the Crucis Fleet as a reaction-reserve fleet, which meant that it often operated in smaller squadrons so as to reinforce multiple areas; in total, the Crucis Fleet consisted of the Golden Lion, a second Defender, two New Syrtis-class carriers, two Robinson II-class transports, two Aegis-class heavy cruisers, four Davion II-class destroyers, one Congress-class frigate and a Vincent Mk. 39-class corvette.[1]


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