Alexia Ramirez

Alexia Ramirez
Also known as "Iron Fist"
Affiliation Innovative Design Concepts
Profession Arena Gladiator


Alexia Ramirez has been fighting in the lower circuits for some time. Her nick-name Iron Fist was given to her because she is known for her love to slug it out with her opponents no matter what machine they are piloting.

She got a chance to pilot the new CDG-2A Cudgel after winning a position in the IDC test program. Since then, Ramirez has so far won all five matches she fought in 3067 with her new ride.

Outside her 'Mech rumors say she loves fighting as much as sex, and according to several stories she's had her nose broken twenty-four times.[1]


She piloted a CDG-2A Cudgel called The Hammer.[1]


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