Alexis Ward

Alexis Ward
AffiliationClan Wolf

Alexis Ward was a Khan of Clan Wolf during the Golden Century, remembered for her role in helping to bring about the modern Clan Elemental.[1]


As Khan of Clan Wolf, Alexis Ward oversaw the introduction of Elemental battle armor into her Clan's touman, revolutionizing warfare for the second time in the two decades that had passed since their Clan Coyote allies developed the OmniMech.[2]

The Mighty Elemental[edit]

The Elemental was the result of two technological and scientific breakthroughs: The powered battle armor suit, and the breeding protocols that produce superior soldiers of sufficient strength to make the most of the advance. The Wolves unveiled their invention in a Trial that pitted two Stars of Wolf Infantry against a Star of light Clan Nova Cat 'Mechs. The new battle armored infantry were victorious in their first ever engagement outside of testing. Khan Eric Amirault of Clan Hell's Horses demanded an immediate Trial of Possession for Clan Wolf's new battle armor. Khan Ward likewise saw the benefit of the recent advances that the Hell's Horses scientist had made in the area of breeding their unique supersoldiers, a phenotype that would one day be called Elementals. She arranged a series of trials where each Clan would offer up three measures of their technology, to be fought for as isorla during three Trials of Possession. The Trials were fought on the world of Tiber in the Kerensky Cluster. Each Clan had a good chance of leaving with at least a sample of the other Clan's advancement - in this case, Wolf's battle armor and the Horses' genetic breeding protocols and bloodlines. This worked in both Clans' favor, but only after a great effort by the Hell's Horses to win the third contest after losing the first two. Still, both Clans were satisfied, and within a few generations began to field their new development.[1][3]

Battles and Bartering[edit]

Within a few years, Clan Jade Falcon succeeded in winning the advance. Khan Ward ensured that the word slipped out about the unit that won the coveted technology, reaching their allies in Clan Coyote, and also being picked up on by some of the Kindraa of Clan Fire Mandrill. Again, the two allies would not have to fight one another to win their respective scientific advances.[1][2]

The battle armor suit itself was based off of myomer-driven suits designed for underwater mining operations on Dagda The suits were originally designed by Clan Goliath Scorpion. The Scorpion's long-reigning first saKhan, Jenna Scott, instantly recognized this. Using up her long-gathered reserve of political cachet, saKhan Scott contacted Khan Ward and negotiated with her to trade the blueprints for the suits to the Scorpions, who also had been breeding superior infantry for some time, possessing several lines that were desirable for the new Elemental program. Eventually, the Wolves would gain the use of the Baba, Collesano and Schaffer genetic lines, in a bloodless exchange for a relative handful of suits and technical information about the breeding protocols. The deal would be worked to both side's satisfaction, with no claims to the Bloodnames involved allowed as per agreement, but also continuing the casual but persistent alliance that existed between the two Clans.[4][5]


The Ward Bloodname House has produced many leaders, but Alexis Ward stands tall even in that crowd. Helping to revolutionize warfare in the Clan Homeworlds, she would also work out fair deals to share her Clan's knowledge with other Clans, who returned her fairness with respect and often admiration for the Wolf.[1][2][3]


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