Alfred Santorini

Alfred Santorini
Died 2 September 3134
Affiliation Lorenzo Computing Industries

Alfred Santorini (b. ???? - d. 3134) was a 32nd century businessman for the Lorenzo Computing Industries based out of Nusakan.[1]


Alfred was of above average height, thin frame, a hooked nose, and white hair.[2]


Alfred had a plan to move his company’s headquarters from Nusakan to another planet. This plan involved the hiring of a mercenary company, which turned out to be the Hansen’s Roughriders, to raid the planet of Alkalurops and show the citizens that they needed protection. In addition to the raid, the contract was to steal all available BattleMechs and any IndustrialMechs that were of usable grade to be modified into weapons.[3]

Once the raiders left the planet and the citizens were trying to get their lives back together; Alfred went to them with a proposal where the planet gets protection from the Stormhammers and his company gets a new headquarters. [4] When the people of Alkalurops rejected his proposal to go along with Grace O'Malley’s plan, Alfred had to go to Plan B. Plan B involved the extension of the contract with the Roughriders as well as the change of operation from a raid to a planetary invasion. [5]

Once the Roughriders were able to secure the planet, Alfred took over control of the planet and issued harsh penalties onto the population due to their resistance to his earlier proposal. [6] To ensure that the people obeyed, Alfred unleashed his Special Police whom were given full autonomy when it came to enforcing the laws set down by Alfred.

With his harsh rule over the citizenry, it was a matter of time before they cracked and rebelled against him. When that time came, Alfred showed no mercy to anyone and ordered those who were against them to be hung from the light posts.[7] To quell the rebellion and to show everyone that going against his interests went against what was good for them; Alfred had his Special Police and the mercenaries advance towards the rebellion's stronghold and crush it. Unknown to everyone except Alfred, the plan was to quell the rebellion and then murder the command staff of the Roughriders at a celebration party when it was all done. This way he would be able to bring the remaining men into his own force.

When the Roughriders were finally able to "capture" the command structure of the rebellion, Alfred ordered them to return to the capital of Allabad. There he was going to show the world what would happen to anyone who dared raise their voice against his own. Though he never would be able to give the final order to eliminate his supposedly last problem. Where he thought it was going to be a celebration for his victory, it in turn ended up with him falling into the trap set up by both the resistance group and the Roughriders.


Alfred died on the 2nd of September 3134 when a combination of gasoline and fire engulfed him while he was in the cockpit of his Ryoken II. At the time of his death, it is believed that instead of working for Lorenzo Computing Industries or the Stormhammers, Alfred was freelancing his ambition to create an empire.[8]


Santorin piloted a Ryoken II OmniMech, apparently stolen to Alkalukorps old's legate, stolen by the Stormhammers and given to him. Alkalukorps natives recognized it.

Titles and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Kristen LeSat
Ruler of Alkalurops
August 3134 - September 3134

Succeeded by
Grace O'Malley


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