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Algot nearby systems
Algot nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 85.816 : -82.771[e]
Spectral class G2IV[1][2]
Recharge station(s) Zenith, Nadir[1]
Planets 9[2]

The Algot system was home to nine planets, at least one of which was habitable - Algot V - and as of 3145 was located in the Chesterton Commonality of the Capellan Confederation.[2]

System Description[edit]

The Algot system had two recharge stations in the early thirty-first century, located at the nadir and zenith jump points.[1]

System History[edit]

The Algot system was colonized before the Age of War.[3]

Algot V[edit]

Orbital view
Orbital view
System position 5th[1][2]
Jump point
9 days[2]
Moons 1 (Victoria's Jewel)[2]
Surface gravity 1.1[2]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)[2]
Equatorial temperature 48°C[2]
Surface water 56%[2]
Highest native life Plant[1][2]
Reference Year 3025[1]
Ruler Torre Swensen, Governor (3130)[4][2]
Marissa Chaca, Legate (3130)[4][2]
Capital Algot Prime[2]
Population 2,159,000,000 (3025)[1]
2,321,735,000 (3130)[2][4]
HPG (Representative) B[1][2] (Precentor Harred al-Jubakh)[1]

Algot V - more commonly referred to simply as Algot - is the fifth planet in the Algot system and has one moon named "Victoria's Jewel".[2]

Planetary History[edit]

Succession Wars[edit]

Algot was one of the first worlds to be settled by colonists from Tikonov, and for a brief period it was a major industrial center second only to Tikonov itself. By the beginning of the twenty-ninth century Algot was one of the most populous worlds in the region, and specialized in sciences related to computers and electronics. Then, in 2822, Algot was struck by a plague which disappeared a year later, as mysteriously as it had arrived. This gained Algot a reputation for being bad for individual health - something that led to a decline in immigration and a significant increase in emigration.[1]

Ironically, for a planet with a reputation for poor health, natives of Algot had the third-highest life expectancy in the Federated Suns by 3025 and the local population had enjoyed exceptionally good health for two centuries. This fact was kept a careful secret by the local population, to avoid their world being inundated with waves of immigrants that would spoil the quality of their local environment - a feature that made Algot a pleasant world to visit.[1]

The Jihad[edit]

During the last two weeks of October 3069 the Word of Blake launched a fresh wave of planetary assaults, further expanding the borders of the Word of Blake Protectorate. The assaults saw a number of new planets incorporated into the Protectorate, often after the threat - or use - of orbital bombardment or biological, chemical or nuclear weapons to destroy local defenses; Algot was one of the worlds brought into the Protectorate in this fashion.[5] Three Level IIIs from the Word of Blake Nineteenth Division descended upon the planet under false flag, with Word aerospace forces firebombed the AFFS compound on the outskirts of the city of Cassol, depriving Algot of the majority of their garrison forces, and followed by a ground assault across the southern deserts of Algot's sole continent that flushed out the remainder of the Algot Militia and placed the world under the new Word of Blake Protectorate.[6]

The citizens of Algot chose to oppose the Word's occupation with guerrilla actions rather than surrender their home to invaders unconcerned for protecting the ecosystem. The Nineteenth Division responded by poisoning Lake Ochiba, one of the most important freshwater body of the planet. Even though this caused a death toll reaching close to one million, only angered more of the inhabitants. The resultant quagmire of sabotage and civil unrest forced Blakist Precentor Martial Cameron St. Jamais to reassign the Nineteenth elsewhere and leave a Word-funded mercenary garrison, Carson's Renegades, Hannigan's Monsters, Khasperov's Knights to deal with insurrection.[6]

On 14 February 3077 Warrior House Imarra met the bulk of the Blakist mercenary garrison in the desert outside Cassol while Ambermarle's Highlanders and Devon's Armored Infantry flanked the mercenaries and overran the former AFFS compound the mercenaries were using as their base of operations.[6] When Operation SCOUR kicked off in 3077, Algot was a target for liberation by the allied coalition, but when a task force of coalition troops led by the Federated Suns arrived in the Algot system on the 24th of February 3077, they discovered that troops from the Capellan Confederation were already fighting against the Blakists on the planet. At the behest of Devlin Stone the allied task force withdrew from the system, leaving the liberation efforts to the Capellans.[7] By the time Group II withdrew from the Algot system, the 1st Davion Aerospace Wing had already acquitted themselves well against the CCAF forces which had attacked the task force at the jump point.[8] Media sources within the Capellan Confederation reported in February 3077 that Algot had rejoined the Confederation, claiming that the allied coalition forces had arrived post-liberation to attempt to take the planet from the Capellans, but had been driven off in disarray by Confederation naval forces.[9]

Dark Age[edit]

The planet's HPG station is one of the few working inside the Republic of the Sphere in 3135.[10]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary Rulers[edit]


  • Governor Torre Swensen[2]
  • Planetary Legate Marissa Chaca[2]

Military Deployment[edit]




  • 8th Chesterton Cavalry[47]
  • 1st Ariana Fusiliers[47]


  • 1st Ariana Fusiliers[47]





  • Carson's Renegades (only until February)[6]
  • Hannigan's Monsters (only until February)[6]
  • Khasperov's Knights (only until February)[6]


- At this point in time Harloc Raiders operating at 70% of full strength, with 90% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


- At this point in time, the X Hastati was at 75% of full strength, with 100% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Algot Prime: planetary capital city.[2]

Image gallery[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 72 systems (72 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Menkar 10.5 Tianamon 12.9 Conwy 14.1 Halloran 14.1
Demeter 14.4 Foochow 15.1 New Aragon 17.2 Jonathan 18.0
Hunan 19.7 Buchlau 21.1 Poznan 23.3 New Hessen 25.7
Algol 25.8 Almach 26.0 St. Andre 27.0 Valexa 28.3
Shipka 28.5 Foot Fall 28.5 Kansu 29.3 Ashkum 31.9
Chesterton 32.0 Bell 32.7 Mesartim 32.9 Alrescha 33.4
Shensi 33.5 Pleione 34.5 Ningpo 35.4 Mira 35.4
Angelsey 38.8 Highspire 39.2 Yangtze 40.2 New Macao 40.4
Slocum 41.2 Ulan Batar 41.6 Wei 42.5 Tsitsang 42.6
Zaurak 42.6 Undra 43.4 Tedibyhr 43.5 Mandate 43.5
Tikonov 44.0 Angol 44.0 Gan Singh 44.3 Hamal 44.5
Westphalia 44.6 Azha 44.8 Styk 46.1 Menkib 47.4
Plataea 48.2 Bharat 49.1 Goshen 50.3 Alpha Eridani 51.1
Axton 51.4 Genoa 52.1 Arboris 52.9 Cynthiana 53.4
New Athens 53.9 Matsu 54.0 Tigress 54.4 Palos 54.7
Moravian 54.8 Rio 54.9 Farwell 54.9 Sonnia 55.6
Sichuan 56.4 Tawas 56.7 Nopah 56.9 Basalt 57.2
Tecumseh 57.9 Caselton 58.2 Remshield 58.3 Manennaia 58.5


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