Alice Lenardon

Alice Lenardon
Died 26 April 3078
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
Profession Star Admiral

Alice Lenardon (Born ???? - died 26 Apr 3078) was a warrior within Clan Nova Cat during the 31st Century.[1]


A warrior within the Nova Cat touman, Alice Lenardon had risen to the rank of Star Admiral by the time of her death. Serving as the Captain of the Aegis-class WarShip CNS Promise[2], Lenardon was a part of the naval forces supporting the coalition forces led personally by Devlin Stone and Stone's Lament when they fought to liberate New Home in April 3078 as a part of Operation SCOUR. A Blakist relief force consisting of several WarShips including the York-class Lioness[3] and the 45th and 47th Shadow Divisions arrived at a pirate point dangerously close to New Home as Stone's forces were burning towards the surface, resulting in the coalition forces having to find shelter as the two newly arrived Shadow Divisions rapidly put them under siege. Stone's Lament worked to try and block the 45th and 47th from the remainder of the task force, while the Battle Corps Legion made a desperate attempt to prevent the 43rd from joining forces with their brethren.[2]

Despite the coalition defense, they would probably have been wiped out if not for Lenardon and the Promise;[2] Lenardon deliberately put the Promise in a position where the Lioness could destroy it, but from which it could also drop a pinpoint orbital bombardment on the 47th Shadow Division as the Manei Domini risked a move into open terrain to try and flank Stone's Lament. The Promise was lost, but the bombardment combined with a savage counterattack by the Lament allowed Stone's forces to carry the day, but the Manei Domini forces fell back into the cities and forced the coalition forces to pursue them.[2]


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