Alice Phuong

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Alice Phuong
Affiliation Word of Blake
Profession Precentor

Alice Phuong (b. ???? - d. ????) was a Precentor in the Word of Blake Militia and the commanding officer of the 9th Division during the Battle of Luthien. [1]


Serving with the Com Guards as an AeroSpace Fighter pilot, Phuong was among the forces facing Clan Jade Falcon during the Battle of Tukayyid. Shot down during the battle, Phuong's fighter took heavy damage which prevented her from ejecting and forced her to ride her crippled fighter down. Suffering horrific crash injuries, a rescue crew were able to save her life, but only through extensive cybernetic reconstruction.[2]

Following Demona Aziz to join the Word of Blake after the ComStar Schism, Phuong joined the Toyama Faction and gained the trust of Cameron St. Jamais. After St. Jamais was selected as the Precentor Martial of the Word of Blake, he chose Phuong to command the newly formed 9th Division. Under her supervision, Phuong ensured the integration of veterans from 6th Division and fresh academy graduates proceeded smoothly, quickly earning her division a veteran rating from St. Jamais.[2]

Part of the Blakist forces sent to the Draconis Combine capital of Luthien, Alice Phuong led two Level IIIs and two augmenting ROM Level IIs, starting in January 3068. She was recalled in February 3072 and replaced by Precentor William Nikoli.[1]

Among the various pieces of information recovered from the secret journal of secular ComStar Precentor ROM Victoria Parrdeau secured by Chandrasekhar Kurita during the later half of the Jihad, was the alleged claim that Phuong was unsuccessful in locating what Siriwan Kurita had buried under the Imperial City. No mention is made of what this could be or if Phoung even actively searched for it.[3]


Despite with her injuries and impediments, Phuong continued to fly after Tukayyid thanks to specialized interface gear, piloting a salvaged Jade Falcon Scytha. The irony that she may indeed be piloting the very same fighter that shot her down on Tukayyid has not escaped Phuong.[2]


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