Alicia Carmichael

Alicia Carmichael
Affiliation Niops Association
Profession Captain

Alicia Carmichael was a Captain in the Niops Association Militia in 3076.[1][2]


She had problems earning the respect in the Niops Association Militia as an attractive woman, and the characteristics an officer, a leader needs to have to be able to survive and win on the battlefield, and her exasperation with gossip and insinuations.[3]

She was made NAM liaison to the Black Heart Roses mercenary unit, and while having entirely legitimate reasons for training closely with the infantry officer - Johann Rose, Carmichael's beauty resulted in increasing tensions between the mercenary unit's co-commanders, especially after Rose charmed Carmichael into providing the Nighthawks for his troops.[4]

In early February 3071[3] the Black Heart Roses were deployed against elements of the VI Legio Ripariensis who came to Niops V to plunder the world's Star League-era technology. As the Legio approached the warehouses they discovered that it was defended by two companies of NAM troops. The Legio's commander, Legatus Onufry Sopaczak, attempted to marshal his troops. However Colonel Sara Heart launched a surprise attack with her battalion of BattleMechs into the rear of his formation. Rose's Briar Patch Guards, newly equipped with Mk XXII Nighthawk power armor, attacked the spread-out Marian troops. The Nighthawks of the Guard were noted for their take down of VI Legio commander's Starslayer.[5][6] The Marian forces included battle armor troops, and the Black Heart Roses and Briar Patch Guards couldn't track all of the Marian forces; however, the identical appearances of the various warehouses worked in favor of the Niopian forces, and the expert knowledge of the local terrain in and around Chapterhouse provided by Captain Alicia Carmichael allowed the Briar Patch Guards to ambush the Marian forces repeatedly, keeping them off balance.[3]

Tensions between Sara and Johann increased following the unit's success against the Hegemony, with increasingly public and vocal rows over Johann's relationship with Carmichael and the ever mounting expense of Sara's collection. At the time many openly believed that the unit and its commanders would part ways when the Niops contract was due to expire in 3073.[4]

On the 14th of January 3076 Captain Alicia Carmichael of the NAM was arrested in connection with the bombing of the association council, and charged with treason. Two weeks after being arrested, Carmichael was broken out of prison by the Black Heart Roses, the prison breakout prompted a battle between the mercenaries and the NAM, with fighting between the two factions continuing until the end of February. The Black Heart Roses were exiled from the Association by way of punishment, but as the mercenaries were leaving Niops VII a mysterious explosion was seen that holed their DropShip. There were no known survivors.[1][2]


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