Alistair Haust

Alistair Haust[1]
Died 3022
Affiliation Aurigan Directorate
Profession Captain


Alistair Haust was a Captain in service to House Espinosa during the Coronation day coup. He was under orders to capture Kamea Arano, keeping her alive whilst disposing of her bodyguard. He died attempting to prevent Kamea escaping off world.[2]


He piloted a Wolverine-6R, the ancestral BattleMech of the Haust family, until his death on Coromodir. The 'Mech, which features reinforced actuators at the knees and ankles and abnormally heavy leg armor, was salvaged and by 3026 wound up in the Arano Restoration's Rampart Company, piloted by Solomon Rossi. At the time, the 'Mech was named the "Beast of Bodmin".[1]


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