Alistair Marsden

Alistair Marsden
Born 2361[1]
Died 31 January 2408[2][3]
Affiliation House Marsden
Title(s) Archon
Profession Armor Officer
Parents Simon Marsden (father)
Siblings Robert Marsden[4]
Spouse Katherine Steiner
Children Alistair Steiner[4]

Alistair Marsden (b. 2361 - d. 31st January 2408) Lyran nobleman, armor officer and the second Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.


Early Years[edit]

Younger brother of first Archon Robert Marsden, Alistair was a junior officer in the Commonwealth's Tank Brigade at the time of his brother's death. The Lyran Military High Command convinced him that he was the only one who could fill the vacuum after his brother's demise. The Estates General confirmed him as his brother's successor.

On 10 November 2395, Alistair was sworn in as second Archon of the Commonwealth.[5] From there, he showed he had learned from his brother how to foster bonds between people. He gathered advisers who were competent in their respective fields to help foster bonds with the Lyran people and the economic growth of the state. Shortly after he makes trade deals with Terran Hegemony and helped to revamp the financial sector. In 2398, news of war between Capellan Confederation and the Free Worlds League had reached Alstair. Feeling that more war was yet to come, he ordered a military build up of the nation's armed forces.[6] During a lecture of the high command on Japanese customers in 2399, Alistair meets associate professor Katherine Steiner. They quickly developed a friendship that turned to romance. [7] Few years later, Alstair marries the Nordic tall beauty in 2405.

Kurita Incursion of 2407[edit]

In January 2407, the Draconis Combine plunged into the borders of the Commonwealth between the Tamar and Skye regions. The Kuritan forces move through the lightly defended regions towards the Commonwealth's capital of Arcturus. During the early fighting, Commonwealth forces infuriate Alstair as they destroy industries on worlds Kurita are about to seize. Alstair dismisses his leading generals and assumes command himself. He then rallies his forces and fights the Kurita invasion force to brutal standstill on the world of Morningside. The incursion opened many Lyran peoples' eyes to the fact the Kuritans were close to the nation's capital, so Alstair proposed to move the capital to his home world deeper in the Protectorate of Donegal region, and thus safer, Tharkad. By September, the General Estate had agreed to the plan and by December it was officially moved. Early the next year, Alstair realizes where the Draconis Combine's next move against them would be. He assembles forces to commence a strike against what he suspects is Kurita's staging base on Vega.

Shortly after assembling the strike force, Commonwealth aerospace assets strike Kurita's stockpiles of military supplies on Vega. This assault (later known as the Vega Strike)[8] devastates the Kurita's preparations for a second invasion into the Commonwealth and hands Alstair his Commonwealths first large scale victory.[9] However, shortly after, his campaign moved to Menkent, where he learns Kurita forces are conducting a heavy raid in region near Terran Hegemony Border. There he takes command of a local unit, the 311th Armored Skye Cavalry Regiment where he attempts to repel the raiders. He and his unit arrive in January 8th, where his tank forces relieve the planet's capital of Blackstone from Kurita siege. The 311th and other forces are deployed on the arid world's Plain of Dust where they hammer the invaders. However, the Archon is killed by Kuritan artillery fire during the third day of the fighting.[10]

His death brought shock waves, through the capital and nation. His body was returned to Tharkad, where he was buried. Soon after his wife would assume throne, but reclaimed her maiden name. This marked the start of Steiner line of Archons.[11]

Family and Legacy[edit]

During his brief life with his marriage, he and his wife Katherine had one son, Alistair. He died before his son's birth.

Alstair, last of Marsden line of Archons, was principally responsible for revamping of early Lyran economy, and creation of Tharkad City.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Robert Marsden
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth

Succeeded by
Katherine Steiner


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