Alistair Steiner

Alistair Steiner
Also known asAlister Marsden II
AffiliationHouse Steiner
Baron von Stuttgart[2]
ParentsAlistair Marsden (father)[1]
Katherine Steiner (mother)[1]
SiblingsMichael Reynolds (half-brother)[1]
SpousePhillipa Kelswa[1]
ChildrenMichael Steiner[1]
Steven Steiner[1]
Tatyana Steiner[1]

Alistair Marsden-Steiner twenty-fifth century Nobleman, Elite Commando Officer, and fourth Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.


Early Life[edit]

Alistair never met his father, just after his birth his father was killed in combat on Menkent in January, 2408. In his father's stead, his mother assumed the throne. She then legally changed her last name and his to Steiner. His mother then officially also named him as the Archon-Designate to the throne.

In April, his mother had him dressed him in a tiny officer's uniform at a special session of the Estates General. Using him part of expressing her wishes that he would not grow up to be a soldier, but to just play as one.[3]

In Military Service of the Commonwealth[edit]

By 2439 Alistair joined Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces, he aide rank of commander of Elite Commando team. Intelligence had gain information that the Terran Hegemony had developed a new walking war machine named the Mackie. One secret manufacturing sites in they leaned who was developing it was on world of Hesperus II. Alistair devised a plan to conduct a raid to obtain the secret plans after hearing of the Lyran Intelligence Corps failure to net them. However, for some reason, he was called elsewhere when his plan became known.[4]

Archon of Lyran Commonwealth[edit]

Katherine Steiner stepped down from office in 2445, handing over her chain and rank pin of Archon on Alistair. After coming into office, student protesters on Fatima rioted and attacked the Lyran Commonwealth's embassy and civil service offices on the planet. Rumors spread that Archon's younger half-brother, Duke Michael Reynolds was responsible. However, Alistair's had a very strong relationship with him, and he did not believe Michael had anything to do with it.

It was during this time that he ascended to the throne, that senior Steiner officers had uncovered leads on number a worlds being taken by the Free Worlds League and Draconis Combine. Alistair revived and revised his plan to conduct a raid on Hesperus II to claim BattleMech technology. He assembled a 25 man special commando team led by a Colonel Simon Kelswa.

The Colonel following the Archon's plan. They conducted their operation on February 7th, 2455 using a DropShip accident near the factory in order to cover their infiltration and capture of the plans for the Terran Hegemony's BattleMech project. Kelswa and his men were rewarded for this daring raid against the factory by the Archon. Alistair quickly and secretly moved to have the Mackie put into production at many of Commonwealth's factories.

During this time, the Free Worlds League's Captain-General Geralk Marik conducted a bloody campaign into the Commonwealth, capturing the worlds of Alula Australis and Bella I. He then moved to expand his campaign on Loric. The world's tough defenses kept Marik campaign bogged down for three years.[5][6]

In 2459, Alistair sent in his secret weapon, Lyran copies of the Mackie BattleMech. League forces were surprised and shocked when their artillery and other weapons proved to be useless against the giant war machines. In the dawn hours of the Battle of Loric, Marik forces were destroyed in less than hour and Gerald Marik he was dead by the foot of a BattleMech.[6][7]

However, the time of the Commonwealth's advantages was coming to an end. Alistair was advised that through a Combine raid on Coventry's 'Mech factory and the defection of factory workers to the League. That he needed to take advantage of their new technology soon. The enemies of the Commonwealth would within a half decade field 'Mechs of their own. Alistair organized and mustered regiments of BattleMechs, planning a two-front campaign into both the Combine and the League called later as the Long March Offensive in 2463.

One of the outcomes of the notification of the inevitable spread of BattleMech knowledge was Alistair's decision to sell the information to the Rim Worlds Republic.[8]

The Archon's son, Michael Steiner was among the many soldiers part of the Long March Campaign.[9]

After a rough start the offensive was going well. However, a year before it concluded in 2467, Alistair was assassinated in his own bedchambers by five youths.

Assassination and Aftermath[edit]

It is revealed months after being accused, that minor noble, Graf Alfonse DeSimon. He had set up Alistair's brother for murder take revenge on Duke of Fatima for stripping of him of his lands.[10] This event left the Commonwealth in turmoil and depression for years to come.


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