Alliance Global Militia

The Alliance Global Militia (AGM) was the military arm of the Terran Alliance.[1]

In 2236, the Militia was little more than a heavily armed police force, by 2314 however it had evolved into the first true inter planetary military force including a fleet of dedicated warships.[1][2]


The Terran Alliance divided its entire military into ten military commands. Each of these commands were then organized in a similar manner, though compositions and strengths may have varied. The Terran Alliance used the normal military organized adopted throughout (nearly) the entire Inner Sphere. Terran forces were organized in a triangular hierarchy.[citation needed]

  • 1 Corps consists of 3 Divisions
  • 1 Division consists of 3 Brigades
  • 1 Brigade consists of 3 Regiments
  • 1 Regiment consists of 3 Battalions/Wings
  • 1 Battalion/Wings consists of 3 Companies/Squadrons
  • 1 Company/Squadrons consists of 3 Lances/Flights

Units of the Alliance Global Militia[edit]


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