Alliance Industries Diversified

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Alliance Industries Diversified

Alliance Industries Diversified is an industrial and mining company within the Outworlds Alliance[1]. Its two divisions produce a variety of farming machinery, armor plating, pharmaceuticals, as well as processed petrochemical and ores. Both divisions came through the Jihad in good shape. Neither lost any personnel and they were operating at full speed in 3079.[2]

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Sevon

President/CEO: Adam Smith Pallas (Circa 3025)[3].

Principal Divisions
Division Name: Alliance Motors Limited

  • Division Head: Maxwell Raventhall (circa 3025)
  • Chief Products: Farm Implements, Tractors, Combines

Division Name: Alliance Chemicals

  • Division Head: Mary Joan Ballantre (circa 3025)
  • Chief Products: Petrochemicals and Pharmaceuticals

Division Name: Alliance Mining and Geology

  • Division Head: Susan Long (circa 3025)
  • Chief Products: Ore Extraction and Refining


Alliance Industries Diversified (AID) started out as a mining company, but diversified in the 2600s into other industries. While AID was the only surviving major industrial concern after the Reunification War, constant attacks from renegades and pirates during the Succession Wars have destroyed many of its production centers. Even with many government subsidies, the company has a hard time remaining profitable in any given year.

In 3025, The Outworlds Alliance government was considering giving Comstar permission to purchase Alliance Industries Diversified in an effort to rebuild the firm. The proposal has generated a lot of resistance to the idea, but the government does not want the company to disappear completely[4].


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