Alliance Motors Limited

Alliance Motors Limited
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: (Sevon)
Products: IndustrialMechs

Alliance Motors is an industrial equipment manufacturer on Sevon in the Outworlds Alliance.


Alliance Motors primarily manufactures agricultural equipment, making it an important part of Sevon's primarily farm-based economy.[1] Alliance Motors is also the only reliable firm in the Outworlds Alliance capable of producing the heavy internal combustion engines used by the Vedette and Po tanks, thus contributing to the defense of the Alliance by building and exporting these engines to Mitchella and Alpheratz respectively.[2][3][4][5] The firm can also produce fission engines, with the help of a local nuclear power plant.[6]

Along with Alliance Mining and Geology, these two companies represent the height of Sevon's technological standards in the civil sector. Thankfully for both, the difference between the two in terms of industry is what spares them from competitive concerns and their respect for the population's low-tech preferences protects them from public fallout. It is also likely that both companies have developed an understanding between each other in regard to resourcing and technology. Indeed, business arrangements are highly probable given that Alliance Mining produces raw materials used for manufacturing heavy equipment and Alliance Motors produces industrial equipment, such as the Rock Hound ProspectorMech, which is designed for mining operations.[7]

Business deals with the company are not restricted to interests within the Outworlds Alliance. The company's Rock Hound design has proven itself to be such a competent industrial platform, as well as a durable combatant in times of need, that primary sales extend to other periphery nations and private corporations. By 3067, Rock Hounds could be seen in use across the Inner Sphere, a substantial note regarding the quality of equipment produced by Alliance Motors.

Since the integration of Sevon into the Raven Alliance in 3085, Alliance Motors has continued to supply industrial equipment for its local economy, albeit under the flag of their newly formed government.[8]


Alliance Motors Limited has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Sevon:[7][6]
Component Type
GLN-1A Gulon[6] IndustrialMech
GLN-1B Gulon[6] IndustrialMech
Gulon C[6] IndustrialMech
AM-PRM-RH7 Rock Hound[7] IndustrialMech
AM-PRM-RH7A Rock Otter[7] IndustrialMech
AM-PRM-RH7C Rock Possum[7] IndustrialMech
AM-PRM-SH1 Space Hound[7] IndustrialMech
Engineering Vehicle[citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
Internal Combustion Engine
AML 140 [citation needed]
AML 240 Shipped to Alpheratz for Po[3][4]
AML 250 Shipped to Mitchella for Vedette[2][5]
Fission engine
AML 100 Gulon[6]
AML IndySteel PrM Series Rock Hound[7]
Fuel cell
Alliance 160 Rock Hound[7]
Mining Drill
AML Gulon[6]
Communications System
Garret T10B Rock Hound[7]
Targeting-Tracking System
O/P 911-C Rock Hound[7]


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