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Alliance Space Command

Alliance Space Command was the Western Alliance agency tasked with developing the first lunar settlement and manned missions to Mars.


In January 2016, the Western Alliance formed the Alliance Space Command (ASC). Its headquarters was initially on Crippen Station, until it completed its first task of establishing a lunar base. With the completion of the lunar base in December of that same year, the ASC moved its headquarters to the lunar surface. The base housed at least 112 scientists, engineers, and technicians.

With task one completed, the ASC moved on to its next challenge: sending men to Mars. The ASC launched the AS Altair from Crippen Station in 2017, eventually creating at least four Altair class ships, including the AS Procyon and AS Columbia.

While this mission was underway, the ASC continued its scientific mandate and used Crippen Station as a launch platform for automated probes collecting information on the Jovian moons of Ganymede, Europa, and Io.

The ASC launched the first fusion-powered mission to Mars, the AS Columbia, in 2027.

There is no direct information remaining to confirm the ASC involvement in the Magellan Program; however, it is assumed that since the Magellan probes were under Western Alliance World Parliament mandate and were launched from the Crippen Station in 2030, they were under ASC control.

Known Ships[edit]


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