Alliance (Space Station class)

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This article is about the space station class. For other uses, see Alliance (disambiguation).
Production information
Manufacturer ???
Type Space Station
Tech Base Star League
Cost ???
Introduced 2713[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 100,000
Length 975m
Width 600m
Thrust ???
Fuel (tons) 10,000
Fuel (days) ???
LF battery No
Armament 6xPPC
12xLarge Laser
36xMedium Laser
Armor ???
Structural Integrity ???
Docking Collars ???
Crew/Passengers 300/???
Grav Decks 1
Escape Pods/Life Boats ???
Heat Sinks 400 Single Heat Sinks
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


The Alliance-class space station is designed to facilitate major repair and construction of small craft and DropShips. In addition, the station is used to construct some small DropShips. Such stations are normally located in orbit around a major industrial world, particularly those without planet-based construction facilities. Often, stations located at major construction sites serve as administrative centers for orbiting drydocks.

The Alliance looks like a long-stemmed mushroom with a crossed base. The large dome is the station's primary hull, which measures 600 m in diameter. The cross member at the base of the station is the DropShip docking facility and is 540 meters long. Massing 100,000 tons, the Alliance is one of the smallest space stations operating today.


In German products the unit's proper name was perfectly translated to Allianz.



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