Allied Aerospace

Allied Aerospace
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Pollux
Leadership: CEO
Products: LAMs

Allied Aerospace manufactured Land-Air 'Mechs on Pollux from 2680 to 2799.


Allied Aerospace was the first company to both design and produce a Land-Air 'Mech. In 2680, the Star League Defense Force began entertaining design proposals for 'Mechs that could "fly as well as function as light ground 'Mechs".[1] Allied Aerospace was quick to enter the new market and offered their prototype Shadow Hawk LAM design that same year.[2] Theirs was the winning bid and the company was awarded the first contract to produce LAMs for the SLDF.

Unfortunately, due to design flaws and a series of failed test runs, the Shadow Hawk LAM was unable to attract marketable attention, forcing the company to scrap the project.[2] However, development of the Shadow Hawk LAM laid the groundwork for the company's next attempt with the more successful Phoenix Hawk LAM, which debuted just over a decade later. The company continued producing Phoenix Hawk LAMs while further refining the technology until their only LAM factory, located on Pollux, was destroyed in 2799 during the First Succession War.[3][4][5]

Allied Aerospace was also responsible for the manufacture of BlackWasp unmanned aerospace fighters. Designed to augment the Caspar defense drone, BlackWasp production began in 2728 and continued until its manufacturing plant on Pollux was destroyed in 2767.[6]


Allied Aerospace had manufacturing centers on the following planet:


Components produced on Pollux:[6][5]
Component Type
Aerospace Fighter
Mk. 30 BlackWasp[6] Medium AeroSpace Fighter
Shadow Hawk LAM[5] LAM
Phoenix Hawk LAM LAM[7]
Dort 85 LAM Prototype Phoenix Hawk LAM[7]
Lang T1 Modified Bi-Modal LAM Shadow Hawk LAM[5]
Fusion Engine
Allied 250 Phoenix Hawk LAM[7]
VOX 250 BlackWasp[6]
DAV 220 Shadow Hawk LAM[5]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
SearWeave BlackWasp[6]
Jump Jets
Allied Lifter B-Series Shadow Hawk LAM[5]
Allied AVRTech Model A Phoenix Hawk LAM[7]
Communications System
Ulsop WaspWave X100 BlackWasp[6]
Targeting-Tracking System
Ulsop Inquisitor K37 BlackWasp[6]
Medium Laser
Maxell BlackWasp[6]
ER Large Laser
Hellion Prime BlackWasp[6]


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