Allied Mercenary Command


The Allied Mercenary Command (AMC) was created on the 7th of March 3066 by Jaime Wolf as a response to Word of Blake expansionism in the Chaos March.[1] The founding members included the Dismal Disinherited, the Northwind Highlanders and Wolf's Dragoons;[2] the stated goal of the AMC was to provide aid to planets who wished to remain autonomous, but could not afford the military forces or mercenaries to stop a determined invasion. While Jaime expressed that the formation of the AMC was not a declaration of war against the Word of Blake, it was clear that the AMC was created to oppose it.

Despite the formation of the AMC and their efforts to influence the decision, the planet Hall would join the Free Worlds League on the 10th of October 3067 as a result of what was believed to be Blakist machinations.[2] This was followed just days later by a second significant setback for the AMC when on the 15th of October a group of disaffected mercenaries under the command of Colonel Wayne Waco assaulted Wolf's Dragoons positions on their homeworld of Outreach. Jaime Wolf and Wayne Waco killed each other in the city of Harlech in what was to become known as the first battle of the Jihad. The primary attacking forces assembled by Wayne Waco, which included the 51st Dark Panzer Jaegers and Smithson's Chinese Bandits were destroyed when the Dragoons initiated a response codeworded as "Condition Feral" in response to the death of Jaime Wolf. Whereas Blakist influence had been suspected in the decision taken by the government on Hall, clear evidence of Blakist influence on the attack on Outreach was uncovered.[2]

Around the same time, the Northwind Highlanders executed escape clauses in their contracts to return to Northwind to elect new Elders after the untimely, consecutive deaths of four Elders.[2] The Word of Blake quickly moved to blockade the system and contact with Northwind and the Highlanders was lost.

After the Dragoons were assaulted on their home soil, they organized an assault on the Terran system, the Blakist capital. Rather than attacking Terra, however, they assaulted Mars. It is unclear why this decision was made, but the result was that the invasion force- which included elements of the Dragoons, the Dismal Disinherited, and Lindon's Battalion- was wiped out.

After this assault, the Word made every AMC member a target. Many AMC members joined resistance movements against the Blakists, but many also continued to serve contracts to employers that did not involve the Word at all.

By the end of the Jihad the AMC had been mauled by the Blakists and their allies. Always Faithful, the Arcadians, the Dismal Disinherited, Grim Determination and Lindon's Battalion had been utterly destroyed. Wolf's Dragoons were a bare shadow of themselves, and every other member of the AMC had taken at least 50% casualties with the exception of the Northwind Highlanders.[3]

AMC Members[edit]


This list contains information about members, strength and contract status.

  • Wolf's Dragoons: 5 Regiments (3 currently under foreign contracts), Elite
  • Northwind Highlanders: 5 Regiments (3 currently under foreign contracts), Elite
  • Dismal Disinherited: 3 Regiments, Veteran
  • Always Faithful: 1 Regiment, Regular
  • 51st Dark Panzer Jaegers: 1 Regiment, Veteran
  • Grim Determination: 1 Regiment, Veteran
  • Wild Geese: 1 Regiment (currently under foreign contract), Veteran
  • The Furies: 1 Armored Regiment, Regular
  • The Dioscuri: 2 Battalions (currently under foreign contract), Veteran
  • Tooth of Ymir: 2 Battalions, Veteran
  • Lindon's Battalion: 1 Strengthened Battalion, Veteran
  • 13th Stalking Horse: 1 Strengthened Battalion (currently under foreign contract), Veteran
  • Crimson Crusaders: 1 Mixed Battalion, Veteran
  • Burton's Brigade: 1 Company, Regular



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