Allison MechWarrior Institute

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Allison MechWarrior Institute
Allison MechWarrior Institute Logo
Allison MechWarrior Institute Logo
Academy Information
Location New Olympia
Founding Year Succession War era
Course Information

The Allison MechWarrior Institute is the among top military academies within the Free Worlds League.


The Allison MechWarrior Institute is a top producer of Mechwarriors within the League and is located on New Olympia in the "neighborhood" of the Lloyd Marik-Stanley Aerospace School. 75 percent of the students graduate each year (375 MechWarriors). Students foster a strong rivalry with the aerospace cadets from the Aerospace School (the usual MechWarrior vs. Aerospace) which manifests in everything from athletic competitions to relatively harmless pranks of involving minor theft and sabotage. While generally good natured, occasionally the rivalry has boiled over such as in 3017 when a group of AMI cadets, including Misha Orloff son of the then-reigning Earl of Orloff, seriously injured three Lloyd Marik-Stanley plebs during a bar-room brawl. [1] [2]


Every year only 500 students are accepted to the Institute and it is open to all applicants, thus competition for a place in the roster is fierce. With final selection of a spot resting with Captain-General and his Minister of Defense, both frequently use their appointments as a political tool to alternately reward loyal or bribe opposing MPs, officials and heads of business. Also, since the 2890s 10 percent of the capacity is reserved for families of Dispossessed Mechwarriors, intended to reward the loyalty of the then highly successful Liberation Units. Captain-General Thomas Marik would increase this to 15 percent in 3054, helping to further solidify the loyalty of the AMI gradatues to him and his neo-chivalric ideals. [1] [2]

Basic Training[edit]

The first year of the three year curriculum is concentrate on basics of a soldiers life (to learn discipline). The physical and mental toughness will also improved to meet the new tasks. The training is divided in classroom sessions ('Mech operation basics) and field exercises (rudiment knowledge of weapon use, survival and combat tactics).[1] [2]

Advanced Individual Training[edit]

In the following two years a cadet put the theory into practice. The students learn BattleMech Operations, gunnery, applied combat strategy and tactics. The simulators are the place to learn this and only the brightest are chosen to operate at the controls of the Institute's own Chameleon Training 'Mechs before the third year.[1] [2]


Within the borders of the institute and beyond there is a competitive atmosphere. Only the top 5 percent of each class are likely assigned to an 'Mech command. Every student shows respect, in knowledge how difficult it was to get a place at the Institute. The cadets show a strong esprit de corps. The ongoing rivalry with the LMS Aerospace School is fueled by the instructors.[1] [2]


The majority of the students graduate with honor, if they can survive the first year. The Free Worlds Guards and the Marik Militia absorbed many of the graduates, but Thomas Marik's reforms of the military led to a wider spread of the new lieutenants.[1] [2]


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