Allyce Avellar

Allyce Avellar
Born31 March 2732
Died14 July 2794
AffiliationHouse Avellar
ParentsLukas Avellar (father)
SiblingsSimpson Avellar
ChildrenDavid Avellar

Allyce Avellar was a twenty-eighth century ruler of the Outworlds Alliance.


Allyce Avellar was the granddaughter of Outworlds Alliance President Beatrice Avellar, and became the next in the line line of direct succession to the title after the death of Beatrice's son, Lukas in 2745. Allyce was fragile, emotional and naïve, but felt that it was her duty to follow her grandmother as President of the Outworlds Alliance after Beatrice's death[1] - Beatrice having died, apparently whilst wearing a beatific smile, after hearing the news of the crisis on New Vandenberg[2] - but Allyce was ill-prepared for the role, and her assumption of the Presidency was opposed by many including her own brother, Simpson.[1]

Whilst Beatrice had been a staunch ally of both Nicoletta Calderon and Janina Centrella, rulers of the Taurian Concordat and Magistracy of Canopus respecitvely, and had been an eager coconspirator with them and the agents of Stefan Amaris during the buildup to the Periphery Uprising.[2] Allyce was ignorant of the plan,[2] and while she didn't actively support the insurgency against the Star League Defense Force when the Uprising began, she also didn't oppose it.[1] As a result, the Alliance Government took little part in the Uprising and the insurgents within the Outworlds Alliance fought alone until the arrival of Amaris' Secret Army divisions.[2]

Deeply shocked by Amaris' murder of Richard Cameron and unable to believe that "jolly uncle Amaris" had murdered "that poor Cameron boy" while launching his coup, Allyce was deeply upset when Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky went to war; when the Amaris Civil War began, Allyce allegedly retreated to her chambers and spent days there, crying about the ugliness and selfishness in the universe and refusing to take sides in the war.[1]

Like the other rulers of the Periphery states - with the obvious exception of the Rim Worlds Republic - Allyce pledged her neutrality during the Amaris Civil War, but she provided Kerensky with information on her role in the Periphery Uprising, as did Janina Centrella. The information provided the Star League Intelligence Command with a valuable insight on the size and scope of forces likely to be available to Amaris.[3]

In 2772 Simpson launched a bloodless coup to oust Allyce, with some backing due to intolerance about Allyce's perceived mishandling of the conflict. However, despite the evident justification for his actions, the Alliance Parliament refused to declare Simpson President, leading to months of debate. Eventually, Allyce's son David was appointed President, and Allyce retired to her estates.[1]

Allyce spent the next two decades until her death in 2794 studying art and music, and she left the Alliance with two legacies; her refusal to take sides during the Amaris Civil War, which had actually kept the Alliance safe, and the artworks produced in her later years, which became sought-after items within the Inner Sphere art markets.[1]


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