Almach Accords

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The Almach Accords or Almach Accord signed in 2345 by the Tikonov Grand Union and the Federated Suns ceded the worlds of Almach, Mira and Mesartim to the Federated Suns.[1][2][3]

The three worlds of Almach, Mira and Mesartim had been contested by various factions in the area for decades; initially, the Marlette Association and the Tikonov Union had contested these worlds in the late twenty-third century, leading to the occupation of all three and Mirach by the Marlette Association between 2302 and 2306.[4] The Tikonov Union promptly pushed the Marlette forces off Halloran V, Almach and Mesartim in 2308-2309,[5] and had captured Mira by 2344.[1][6]

When the Marlette Association joined the Federated Suns in 2324 the Federated Suns inherited the dispute over these worlds.[7] The successful occupation of Almach, Mira and Mesartim by the Federated Suns in 2344-2345[1][3][8] was made possible by the increasing economic turbulence inside the Tikonov Grand Union after the death of Tetrarch Anton Carinus in 2310.[9]

When Reynard Davion signed the Acala Pact with the Capellan Commonality in 2345 he effectively prevented the Capellan Commonality from assisting the Tikonov Grand Union in their conflict with the Federated Suns.[3] Unable to retake the three worlds by military force, the Tikonov Grand Union was effectively forced to cede the worlds officially via the Almach Accords in 2345.[3][8]

The Almach Accords held until 2363, although the groundwork for their removal was laid before this; following the Federated Suns occupation of Bell in 2357, Seluk Tucas was propelled into the office of Prime Minister of the Capellan Commonality in 2358.[8][9] Tucas immediately began building his influence within the Capellan Zone by negotiating several agreements between various nations; one of these, the secret Hessen Conventions, compensated the Tikonov Grand Union for Tucas' ruling against the Grand Union and for the Sarna Supremacy over several disputed worlds by pledging Capellan Hegemony support to the Grand Union in a new anti-Davion campaign to begin no later than 2365.[10][11]

The Tikonov Grand Union formally renounced the Almach Accords in 2363 and began a campaign against the Federated Suns with an attack on Lee.[8][12][13]


Canon sources are inconsistent when referring to this agreement, sometimes referring to it as the "Almach Accords" and sometimes as the "Almach Accord". Handbook: House Davion refers to this agreement as the Almach Accord on p. 21 and 22; Handbook: House Liao refers to this agreement as the Almach Accords on p. 13 and 14.

House Davion (The Federated Suns) and Handbook: House Davion both state that the Acala Pact was negotiated and signed with the Capellan Hegemony.[2][14] However, according to House Liao (The Capellan Confederation) and Handbook: House Liao the Capellan Hegemony ended shortly after the end of the Capellan Hegemony/Sarna Supremacy war on December 31, 2309 and was replaced with the Capellan Commonality.[15][16]


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