Alpha Galaxy (Escorpión Imperio)

Gs alpha galaxy.png
Alpha Galaxy
Nickname The Rock Minders
Affiliation Imperio Militar del Escorpión;
Clan Goliath Scorpion (previous)
Parent Command Clan Goliath Scorpion touman

Alpha Galaxy is the most prestigious command in the Scorpion Empire.


Clan Goliath Scorpion[edit]

Alpha Galaxy has been used in nearly every Goliath Scorpion planetary assault. The unit is traditionally assigned honor guard duty to protect Moreau's Dagger, a rock formation sacred to the Scorpions, because there was found their first Loremaster, Ethan Moreau.

Following the Great Refusal, Alpha Galaxy, then commanded by Galaxy Commander Rik Myers, engaged in a successful Trial of Possession in August 3060 for a 200 km enclave on the continent Abysmal on Huntress against a mixed SLDF force of ComStar and Eridani Light Horse units. As specified in Myers' batchall to the Star League, Alpha Galaxy captured the Abysmal Manufacturing Complex at Rakt-Jabada, warehouses filled with Inner Sphere isorla, and a spaceport previously owned by the former Smoke Jaguars.[1] Further, the Eighth Dragoons were able to capture a small holding around Moreau's Dagger from Clan Ice Hellion.[2] In the aftermath Alpha Galaxy remained on Huntress to garrison the Goliath Scorpions' new enclave and to protect its valuable isorla from the other Clans.[3]

When some 3,000 former Smoke Jaguars escaped from Huntress under the leadership of former Star Colonel Paul Moon in August 3060, Myers detached his personal Cluster, the 35th Scorpion Cuirassiers, from Alpha Galaxy and pursued the refugees down the Exodus Road to Wayside V, the isolated location of a former Smoke Jaguar resupply depot.[4] The rest of Alpha Galaxy remained in garrison on Huntress under the command of Myers' subordinates. Myers' unauthorized pursuit of the former Jaguars ended in a debacle, and after he and the survivors of the Thirty-fifth were forced to work as laborers to grow enough food for the return trip to Clan space, he returned to Huntress in March 3064 in disgrace. After Myers explained that he had learned a great deal about himself, that he had been broken and remade as a new man, and had paid a heavy price for his arrogance, Goliath Scorpion Khan Ariel Suvorov left him in command of the Thirty-fifth to give him the chance to redeem himself but required him to retest for his position as Alpha Galaxy commander.[5]

In November 3074 Khan Suvorov took at least one Cluster from Alpha Galaxy, the Twenty-fourth Cuirassiers, to Shadow on a mission to meet Clan Fire Mandrill. However a full naval Star from Clan Coyote prevented their landing on the planet and the Khan moved her force on to Dagda instead.[6] Here they found the planet in decline, its ecosystem had become unstable. The few Mandrill survivors still on the planet were rescued and absorbed into the Clan after a brief Trial of Possession which saw Khan Suvorov knock out Star Colonel Hampton Schroeder in a boxing match.[7]

In mid December 3075 during the Wars of Reaving, Alpha Galaxy dropped onto New Kent as part of the multi-Clan force tasked with annihilating Clan Steel Viper. Alpha secured its main objective of the Shandrake Massif research facility by the end of the second day. Fighting continued for a least a further week before orbital bombardment reduced the last Viper strongpoint to dust.[8]

Alpha Galaxy survived the Wars of Reaving, the Goliath Scorpions' Trial of Abjuration in 3079, and the invasion and conquest of Nueva Castile and the Umayyad Caliphate in 3080, and became an integral front line force of the Imperio Militar del Escorpión under the direct command of Khan Colin Yeh.[9]

In 3112 the Scorpion Empire settled a new world near the Hanseatic League that would become known as Holdout. The Hansa sent Regional Defense Force 2 to the world to drive off the 3rd Imperial Guards Cluster. After holding out for four months, a resupply JumpShip discovered the attack. They jumped to Scorpion space and alerted their commanders. A Cluster of Alpha Galaxy (and two Clusters of Hellion Galaxy) returned to reinforce the Scorpion force survivors (who now numbered a mere 4 Stars of troops), and RDF2 was forced to withdraw or be destroyed.[10] Khan Kirov honored the defender's resolve by creating 2 new Bloodnames for the greatest of the defenders and renamed the world as Holdout in memory of their battle.

After several Seekers were killed by Regional Defense Force 5, the Scorpion Empire went to war with the Hansa. Alpha Galaxy landed on Wismar on January 3, 3140. Conventional infantry and vehicles were largely overwhelmed without any problem, but the Hansa battlesuit units did inflict casualties. Alpha also took approximately half of the Hansa MechWarriors prisoner.[11]

The second wave of the attack found Alpha Galaxy on Köningsberg. They faced the entirety of Regional Defense Force 2. This was mostly a straightforward conflict and the RDF's tactics only slowed the fall of the world. By contrast the mercenary forces hired by the nobles combined into a battalion sized formation that mauled the Thirty-fifth Scorpion Cuirassiers. Khan Scott used the other Clusters of Alpha Galaxy to outmaneuver, contain, and eventually destroy the mercenary units one company at a time. Alpha Galaxy then turned its attention to RDF2, which collapsed.[11]

A month later, Regional Defense Force 5 arrived on Köningsberg to free it from the Scorpions. However they proved incapable of dislodging Alpha Galaxy. The Scorpions used constant attacks to keep the RDF troops off balance, and they could not withdraw in time. The RDF's DropShips were captured by the Fourteenth Scorpion Hussars. With nowhere to go RDF5 attacked the Scorpions, losing eighty percent of their force. Half of the survivors were injured so badly they wouldn't ever fight again. The other half were taken as isorla. Then Alpha Galaxy landed on Riga and quickly took control of the system.[12]

The assault on Bremen began on July 9th. Alpha Galaxy joined with Hellion, Tau, Seeker, and Grunt Galaxies for this assault. Alpha and Seeker Galaxies, supported by half of Grunt Galaxy, landed on the world.[12] Regional Defense Force 1 and Regional Defense Force 3 faced the Scorpion units. Alpha Galaxy was largely the recipient of RDF1's attentions at this time, while Seeker Galaxy faced RDF3. The destruction of Regional Defense Force 4 forced RDF3 to assume a new position, and Seeker Galaxy reinforced Alpha. Against two Galaxies, RDF1 held out for another month. By mid-October, Elementals from Alpha Galaxy took the Council of Merchants prisoner.[13]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Alpha Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Rik Myers 3060 - 3070s
Khan Colin Yeh 3079
Galaxy Commander Magon Scott 3132 - 3137[14]
Khan Magon Scott 3137 -[14]


Alpha Galaxy is trained in combined arms tactics. It operates by using its four Clusters in various combinations to destroy enemy forces. Hold-and-flank tactics are its specialty.

Composition History[edit]

Ground Forces[edit]



  • 14th Scorpion Hussars
  • 24th Scorpion Cuirassiers
  • 35th Scorpion Cuirassiers


One BattleMech Trinary in each of these commands is a Supernova Trinary.

Naval Assets[edit]


Game Rules[edit]

Hanseatic Crusade[edit]

Alpha Galaxy can use the Esprit de Corps Special Command Ability.[16]


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