Alpha Galaxy (Clan Ice Hellion)

Alpha Galaxy
Disbanded 3072 (Destroyed)
Nickname The Blinding Keshik
Affiliation Clan Ice Hellion
Parent Command Clan Ice Hellion Touman

Brief Description[edit]

Alpha Galaxy was considered the premier unit of Clan Ice Hellion Touman, commanded by the senior Khan of the Clan.


Alpha Galaxy was formed at the very beginning of Clan Ice Hellion's existence. It was severely weakened and reduced to a single Cluster after the secret Trial of Annihilation between saKhan Wick and Khan Norizuchi in 3000. By 3059 the Galaxy had been rebuilt into a swift and powerful force.[1] Warriors of the Alpha Galaxy took part of Clan Coyote led attack on Clan Cloud Cobra's Babylon Diet in 3065. It was noted that this was not an officially sanctioned attack by the Clan itself, but of individual warriors. Very few of these warriors returned to duty, with many other from this attack missing and assumed killed.[2]

In 3070 the Galaxy move to Nouveaux Paris, arriving in September. Here it began preparations for the Hellion assault on the Inner Sphere, along with Beta Galaxy, Delta Galaxy and Zeta Galaxy. By October all the forces were in place for the operation to commence.[3] A Naval Star had been attached to the Galaxy for the assault.[4]

Mid-3071 saw Alpha together with Delta and the newly arrived Zeta Prime Galaxy form the primary attack force under Khan Montrose. This force moved against Clan Jade Falcon industrial worlds, while the Hellion secondary force secured the Periphery. Alpha assaulted Winfield, which it took although at high cost to the infrastructure of the planet.[5]

Alpha and Zeta Prime Galaxies launched a second wave of attacks in July 3071 capturing Derf, Trell I, Romulus, Maxie's Planet and Golandrinas that the Falcon's had recently recaptured from Delta Galaxy. At Derf Alpha's naval assets destroyed the orbital supply station. In August Alpha and Zeta Prime assaulted Evciler, during which zellbrigen was breached numerous time and Khan Montrose seriously injured. She had recovered enough by December to lead Alpha in the capture of Vantaa. Here the Falcon technician attempted to sabotage the spaceport to destroy the Hellion DropShips, but succeed in only destroying the facility.[6]

The Galaxy's advance was halted and it was forced to pull back to Vantaa in February 3072 along with the Zeta Prime Galaxy. In March the system was attacked by the Falcon's Alpha and Delta Galaxies as well as Clan Hell's Horses's Iota Galaxy. The two understrength Hellion Galaxies took up a defensive position in an industrial complex, as the Hell's Horses advanced the Hellions called in an orbital bombardment from the Cage's Pride. This tore apart the Horse front line but also shattered much of the industrial complex resulting in a toxic spillage of chemicals in the air. Alpha was left in a state of confusion when Khan Montrose was killed during a Falcon flank attack. The Galaxy was effective destroyed by combat and toxic fumes. A handful of survivor managed to join up with Connor Rood.[7][8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Alpha Galaxy
Khan Asa Taney 3059 - 3065[1]
Khan Raina Montose 3065 - 3072[9][10]


Alpha Galaxy practices blitzkrieg warfare, using their maneuverability to strike quickly and with overwhelming firepower. Its Clusters employ special "headhunter" units to specifically target the enemy command structure and thereby weaken their foes' response. However, this emphasis on fast striking power leaves them vulnerable in static battles with little room to maneuver.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Warship Support[edit]


All units in Alpha gain +1 to initiative.[11]


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