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Alpha Galaxy (Clan Nova Cat)

Four Hundred and Eighty-ninth Assault Cluster
Disbanded Dark Age (destroyed)
Nickname Victory Over Delusion
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
Second Star League (while it existed)
Parent Command Clan Nova Cat Touman

As with many Clans, the Clan Nova Cat's Alpha Galaxy has been the backbone of its touman since its formation.[1]


Formed after the Operation Klondike, Alpha Galaxy incorporated the survivors of the Nova Cats original 40 warriors as well as new warriors taken captive in its battles. Alpha fought innumerable battles over the two centuries of its existence.[1]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

During Operation REVIVAL Alpha Galaxy, along with Beta and Delta were Clan Nova Cat's contribution to the invasion of the Inner Sphere when the Clan was activated to bolster Clan Smoke Jaguar's invasion corridor. Alpha enjoyed many victories save for the crushing defeats on Luthien and Tukayyid.[1]

Establishing Holdings[edit]

The Smoke Jaguars ceded six worlds to the Nova cats before the Fifth Wave, most of which had proven difficult to pacify. Alpha Galaxy units landed, and in some cases, fought on the following worlds:

Wave Five[edit]

Alpha Galaxy fought on the following worlds during the Fifth Wave:


The Battle of Tukayyid began badly for Alpha Galaxy when Aerospace Fighters of the 417th Com Guard Division destroyed the DropShip carrying elements of the Fourth Nova Cat Lancers during the initial Hover-Drop Maneuver landing chosen by the Nova Cat Khans. Despite this setback, Alpha and Gamma Galaxies advanced on Tost, pushing aside the 244th Division in their way. On reaching the northern suburbs of Tost, Alpha was stopped by the Ninth and 417th Divisions, where they were routed.[2]

Second Star League[edit]

During the Great Refusal, Alpha Galaxy's headquarters was situated on Strana Mechty with Khan Severen Leroux.[3]

Like many Nova Cat units, Alpha Galaxy still carried the shame of its losses on Luthien and Tukayyid, shame turning to pride with the formation of the Second Star League, and believed that their defeat was preordained to allow them join that body.[1]


During the Jihad Alpha Galaxy was assigned to operations on the Free Worlds League front. They, along with the Twentieth Marik Militia and ComStar's 4th Army diverted to Wasat to rescue the Seventh Pesht Regulars from a trap on that world.[4] Alpha Galaxy then landed on Stewart where they killed all the members of the Protectorate Militia, including those who tried to surrender. (The Nova Cats viewed Operation SCOUR as a Trial of Annihilation, which explains their actions.) This behavior so offended the people of Stewart that several of them crammed Planetlifters full of explosives and rammed them into Alpha Galaxy DropShips. The Cats lost one DropShip, and began firing on any non-Coalition force that approached them until a truce could be negotiated.[5]

In early 3078 Alpha Galaxy struck Dubhe with the 20th Marik Militia. They quickly routed the defending Blakist 1st and 2nd Dubhe Protectorate Militia Divisions, forcing the Blakists to retreat off-world.[6] During the assault on Terra Alpha Galaxy was assigned to take Mars.[7]

Dark Age[edit]

During the Nova Cat rebellion, Alpha Galaxy defended Irece against the First Sword of Light.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Alpha Galaxy
saKhan Lucian Carns 3052[9]
Khan Santin West 3062 - 3077[1][10]


Alpha Galaxy warriors excelled at marksmanship.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Alpha Galaxy


Alpha Galaxy [9]

  • Vision Keshik
  • 1st Nova Cat Guards
  • 449th Assault Cluster
  • 489th Assault Cluster


Alpha Galaxy [1]

  • NovaStar Keshik
  • 1st Nova Cat Guards
  • 449th Assault Cluster
  • 489th Assault Cluster


Alpha Galaxy [14]


Alpha Galaxy [15]

  • NovaStar Keshik
  • 1st Nova Cat Guards
  • 489th Assault Cluster
  • Nova Cat Grenadiers Cluster
  • Dragonsfang Cluster


  • After the formation of the Second Star League, Alpha Galaxy adopted a mosaic showing dragon and a Nova Cat coiled around a Cameron Star.[1]



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