Alpha Galaxy (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)

Alpha Galaxy (Clan Wolf-in-Exile).jpg
Alpha Galaxy
Formed 2821
Nickname The Dire Wolves
Affiliation Clan Wolf-in-Exile
Parent Command Clan Wolf-in-Exile touman



Descended from Alpha Galaxy of the previous united Clan Wolf, Alpha Galaxy is an "Original"— one of the first Clan fighting units, and was commanded by ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky during Operation Klondike, the liberation of the Pentagon Worlds.

Alpha Galaxy took part in the liberation of Eden, alongside Clans Smoke Jaguar, Jade Falcon, and Hell's Horses.

Alpha Galaxy became the premier Galaxy in Clan Wolf, so highly regarded that even serving in one of its lesser sub-units bestowed honor on a warrior, and service with Alpha increased the chances of a warrior's genes being used in sibko creation.

Operation Revival[edit]

Alpha Galaxy was one of five Galaxies used by Clan Wolf during Operation REVIVAL, the invasion of the Inner Sphere. Due to the nature of Clan warfare, Alpha Galaxy only fought as a complete unit four times during Operation REVIVAL: at Tamar, Suk II and Bessarabia during the Fifth Wave, and on Tukayyid.

Elements of Alpha Galaxy fought in the following engagements during Operation Revival:


First Wave[edit]

Second Wave[edit]

Third Wave[edit]

Fourth Wave[edit]

Fifth Wave[edit]


Alpha Galaxy was deployed in full and were heavily involved. Commanded by Khan Natasha Kerensky, units of Alpha Galaxy completed the encirclement of Skupo, one of the Clan's assigned target cities, while other elements spearheaded the drive on Brzo, the other target city.

The Refusal War[edit]

At the end of the Refusal War in 3058 Khan Phelan Kell brought together his most intact Clusters to form the nucleus of the rebuilding Alpha Galaxy.[1][2] By 3059 the Galaxy had seen considerable rebuilding and was three Clusters strong.[3][1]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

Jade Falcon Incursion[edit]



Alpha Galaxy spent the first half of the Jihad guarding the Lyran Alliance against Clan Jade Falcon predation. In 3072, the Fourth Wolf Guards helped liberate Tharkad and the First Wolf Legion helped liberate Donegal. Alpha then rested and rebuilt until 3077 when they joined the Federated Suns front of Operation SCOUR and assaulted Yangtze, Achernar, Azha, Small World, and Sheratan. They then went on to the assault of Terra.[4]

During the invasion of Terra Alpha Galaxy was assigned to the assault of Mars.[5] Under General Andrew Redburn's command, they (and the Nova Cat Alpha Galaxy dropped around ROM's Koryo Castle Brian. Their assignment was to capture one of the six airlocks that led into the base. Accessing the base quickly was critical, as the fighting on Terra had reduced their air cover.[6] Unfortunately the lack of air cover stalled the offensive several times, and the Coalition forces were forced to fight room to room for most of the base. Much of this work was done by Clan Elemental units. Finally after a month of brutal fighting, the Word of Blake commander surrendered to the Coalition.[7]


When the new Wolf-in-Exile Arctic Wolf II OmniMech began production in 3085, Alpha Galaxy were the first unit within the Clan touman to receive any of the 'Mechs. As a sign of the continuing alliance between the two groups, the first unit to receive an Arctic Wolf II outside of Alpha Galaxy was the Kell Hounds, who were gifted an Arctic Wolf II named Allard's Revenge and painted in Kell Hounds colors.[8]

Between 3140 and 3145 Alpha Galaxy fought on Krievci and Incukalns against the Golden Ordun. Each encounter inflicted heavy losses on the Wolves, and the units of Alpha dug in on Arc-Royal as a result of these losses.[9] In 3145 Alpha Galaxy consisted of a single Keshik and two Clusters, all at 70% of their nominal strength.[10]


Alpha Galaxy was traditionally led by the Khan of Clan Wolf. Notable commanders have included ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky. Ulric Kerensky and later Natasha Kerensky commanded Alpha during Operation Revival.[11]

Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Alpha Galaxy (Clan Wolf)
saKhan Phelan Ward 3057[1]
Commanding Officers of Alpha Galaxy (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)
Khan Patrick Fetladral 3145[10]


Different per Unit.

Composition History[edit]


Alpha Galaxy


Alpha Galaxy[11]

Available Forces (As of 15 April)
BattleMechs Elementals Fighters WarShips JumpShips DropShips
13th Wolf Guards 50 75 x 1 x 4
328th Assault 55 100 20 x 2 10
4th Wolf Guards 55 100 20 x 2 9
279th Battle 55 50 20 x 2 6
Total 215 325 60 1 6 29


Alpha Galaxy[13]


Alpha Galaxy[2][3]


Alpha Galaxy[1]


Alpha Galaxy

  • Golden Keshik
  • 4th Wolf Guards
  • First Wolf Legion
  • First Wolf Strike Grenadiers
  • 6th Wolf Guards


Alpha Galaxy[4]

  • Golden Keshik
  • 4th Wolf Guards
  • First Wolf Legion
  • First Wolf Strike Grenadiers
  • 6th Wolf Guards


Alpha Galaxy[10]

  • Golden Keshik
  • First Wolf Strike Grenadiers
  • First Wolf Legion

Wolf Rite[edit]

The Wolf Rite is one of the unique traditions maintained by Alpha Galaxy. Taking place every year, around five Alpha Galaxy candidates are chosen and transported to Strana Mechty during the middle of winter. These candidates, wearing nothing but underwear and armed only with a knife, are dropped off in the middle of a snow-covered forest. Together they are tasked with stealing a fresh kill from a pack of wolves and transporting it approximately 100 km back to their base, where the rest of the assembled Alpha Galaxy watches by remote broadcast. Those who succeed are allowed to wear a strip of Strana Mechty wolf fur on their uniform, are be addressed as KinWolf on formal occasions, and their genetic material is given higher priority in the creation of future sibkos. Those who die are honored by having their names painted below the Clan ensigns on the Dire Wolf.[14]

At the time of the Clan Invasion there were 53 members of Alpha Galaxy who had earned this right, including Ulric Kerensky, Garth Radick and Natasha Kerensky.[14] Whether Alpha Galaxy was able to maintain this tradition after joining Phelan Kell in forming Clan Wolf-in-Exile is unknown.


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