Alpha Galaxy (Rasalhague Dominion)

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Alpha Galaxy
Formed Between
Nickname The Golden Bears
Affiliation Rasalhague Dominion
Clan Ghost Bear (previous)
Parent Command Clan Ghost Bear Touman
Sub-Command(s) See Unit Composition


First commanded by one of Clan Ghost Bear's founding Khans, Hans Ole Jorgensson, Alpha Galaxy has been the premier fighting unit of the Ghost Bears' touman and traditionally fights at the forefront of all its major operations.[1] Traditionally Alpha Galaxy was commanded by a Ghost Bear Khan. For example in 2921 it was led by Khan Kilbourne Jorgensson.[2]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

During Operation REVIVAL, Alpha Galaxy played a critical role in the conquest of many Inner Sphere worlds, none more so than the capture of Alshain. Under the personal command of saKhan Aletha Kabrinski, the Golden Bears managed to successfully combat the DCMS' use of mobile harassment and fortified positions to drive off the defending Kurita units. Alshain would go on to serve as the Ghost Bears' headquarters during the rest of the fifth invasion wave and eventually became the capital of the Ghost Bear Dominion.[1]


Alpha Galaxy was assigned to take the objective city of Spanac. They landed unopposed, then were engaged in hit-and-run attacks by the 308th Division, which did not seriously impede Alpha's progress. Alpha made it into the suburbs of Spanac, where they faced the 103rd Division and the newly-arrived 91st Division. The 91st Division, not having time to dig in, were overrun when Beta and Delta Galaxies arrived. The three Ghost Bear Galaxies were able to force the 103rd Division to retreat from Spanac.[3] [4]

With Beta and Delta Galaxies directed to hold Spanac, Alpha was ordered to take Luk, where they mauled the Fourth Army, which came close to breaking, until the 103rd Division, reinforced by elements of the 308th Division, launched an attack on Alpha Galaxy's main supply depot, forcing Alpha to turn back to defend it. Alpha subsequently took casualties heavy enough to make it impossible to take Luk and retreated to Spanac, where the Ghost Bear campaign ended.[3] [4]

First Draconis Combine/Ghost Bear War[edit]

The First Draconis Combine / Ghost Bear War erupted following an attack on Alshain by rogue elements of the Alshain Avengers brigade of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery in 3062,[5] and as expected, Alpha Galaxy played a prominent part in the Ghost Bear's retaliation against the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery.[6] The First Bear Guards struck at Idlewind while the Third Bear Guards attacked Garstedt. Star Colonel Ragnar and the First Rasalhague Bears acted in what the Ghost Bears considered to be a noble fashion when they repulsed a raid by the Free Rasalhague Republic, and as a reward, Ragnar and his Cluster were given a prominent role when the Ghost Bears responded to the opportunistic invasion of the Ghost Bear Occupation Zone by Clan Hell's Horses[6] in 3063.[7]

The Hell's Horses were acting at the urging of the Khan of Clan Wolf, Vladimir Ward,[5] and the Ghost Bears responded with their own counterattack; a number of worlds were targeted in particular, one of which was the world of Rasalhague, a world of particular significant to the native population of the former Free Rasalhague Republic. Alpha Galaxy deployed the First Rasalhague Bears and the Fiftieth Striker Cluster to capture Rasalhague, an act that was well-received by the Rasalhagian natives within the Ghost Bear Occupation Zone.[6]


Alpha Galaxy was involved in the heaviest fighting against the Word of Blake. During their near-continual fighting, Alpha received reinforcements and new troops from other Galaxies in the touman. Without these near constant replacements, the Galaxy would have been destroyed. This fate actually befell the Fiftieth Striker Cluster. The unit was so heavily damaged that it was disbanded and the survivors used to shore up other Alpha Galaxy Clusters.[8] After the Jihad ended, Alpha Galaxy was assigned to garrison Alshain.[9]


The lead galaxy in the December 3074 Ghost Bear attack against the Blakist presence on Luthien, Alpha engaged in absolutely no communications with their targets. Bystanders, Kuritan loyalist or rebel, were swept aside if they were caught between the two opposing forces. The Blakist's were executed, whether they surrendered or not, and no salvage was gathered.[10]


After landing on Dyev during a wave of attacks against worlds in the Word of Blake Protectorate in July 3076,[11][12] Alpha Galaxy found itself facing a Blakist counteroffensive in December when a task force breached the blockade of Ghost Bear and Snow Raven ships in orbit and landed six Divisions of troops on the surface of Dyev. The Blakist's landed around Trogport and the planetary capital, Novaya Mensk, before deploying outwards. Alpha Galaxy found itself fighting alongside Omega Galaxy against the 28th Militia Division, the 3rd Bryant, and 1st Lipton Protectorate Militia Divisions; the Blakist's used the Tupik Chasm and various mining tunnel complexes that connected to the chasm as fortifications to try and resist the Ghost Bear attack.[13] History records that the 32nd Militia Division was subsequently destroyed on Dyev before the end of 3076.[14]


Bruised from their trip through the Word of Blake Protectorate, Alpha Galaxy destroyed every Word of Blake unit they faced on Dieron in 3077, refusing to take prisoners. Their ferocity led them to triumph over the Blakist forces, but at a cost of about 60% of their warriors.[15]

The Dark Age[edit]

Alpha Galaxy was rapidly rebuilt after the Jihad, in part through the disbandment of Delta Galaxy and the incorporation of two complete Clusters from Delta into Alpha - the Eighth Bear Cuirassiers and Seventy-third Battle[16] - but also through Alpha's posting on and around Alshain, where the Galaxy had access to the very best new equipment available.[17] By 3085, every Cluster within Alpha was operating at fifty-five percent of full strength or more.[16]

Foreign intelligence agencies considered it notable that after the Jihad, the aging Sho-sa Shintaro Yamada - a former DCMS warrior captured on Richmond in 3063 - had been inducted into Alpha Galaxy. Serving as Star Captain, Shintaro, despite his reportedly being a pacifist, it was considered likely that Shintaro had been moved into Alpha Galaxy not for his combat skills, but for his insight into the Draconis Combine, a move echoing the role Prince Haakon Magnusson had occupied with respect to the Rasalhague Republic in earlier years.[17]

Alpha Galaxy continued to serve as the lead Galaxy for the Rasalhague Dominion and as such spent a considerable amount of time protecting Alshain, the cultural heart of Clan Ghost Bear. Given that Khan Dalia Bekker regarded the Republic of the Sphere with reverence, it was a foregone conclusion that Alpha Galaxy would be sent to secure the worlds of Alrakis and Konstance, as the Inner Sphere began to erupt into widespread warfare again. Having deployed in 3135, Alpha Galaxy only remained in place until Omega Galaxy secured Vega.[18]

Although Alpha Galaxy wasn't around for subsequent events leading up to the formation of the Vega Protectorate, many in Alpha came to feel that steps should have been taken to prevent Omega Galaxy from "going native" at the time, and given Khan Bekkar's conservative views, there was a building sense of expectation that Alpha would be called on to remove Omega's taint.[18]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Alpha Galaxy (Clan Ghost Bear)
Commanding Officers of the Alpha Galaxy (Ghost Bear Dominion)
saKhan Aletha Kabrinski 3061[1]
Khan Aletha Kabrinski 3074 - 3085[10][16]
Commanding Officers of the Alpha Galaxy (Rasalhague Dominion)
Galaxy Commander Lars Magnusson 3145[19]


Besides the Clan's finest warriors, Alpha Galaxy units also employ the most innovative tactics, utilizing the open command structure as established by their founder to its fullest potential.[1]

Composition History[edit]





  • Command Supernova[22]
  • Trinary Galaxy Command[22]
  • First Bear Guards[22]
  • Third Bear Guards[22]
  • Fiftieth Striker Cluster[22]
  • First Rasalhague Bears[22]


The heavy losses of the Jihad reduced each of these formations to between one third and one quarter of their pre-Jihad strength.[9]

  • Command Supernova[9]
  • Trinary Galaxy Command[9]
  • First Bear Guards[9]
  • Third Bear Guards[9]



  • Command Supernova[23]
  • Trinary Galaxy Command[23]
  • First Bear Guards[23]
  • Third Bear Guards[23]
  • Eighth Bear Cuirassiers[23]
  • Seventy-third Battle Cluster[23]


While the Ourse Keshik is not officially part of Alpha Galaxy, it is attached to it administratively.[1]

Game Rules[edit]


Alpha Galaxy can use the Strategic Planning and Family Special Command Abilities.[2]


  • In common with every other unit in the Clan Ghost Bear touman at this point in time, the units within Alpha Galaxy receive a +1 modifier to any dice roll on Random Weight-Class tables to determine Star or Binary/Trinary type.[24]
  • Alpha Galaxy units receive a +1 Bonus to Initiative rolls.[25]
  • The command of each Star within Alpha Galaxy may choose to deploy in any OmniMech in any configuration rather than determining their 'Mech randomly.[25]



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